Pablo Records Listing - Part I

compiled by Michael Fitzgerald
January 27-July 3, 1998

This is not a catalog. This is a discographical tool for researchers. I have no idea how to obtain these records.

Thanks to contributors:

François Ziegler <>

2308 Series
2308201Bryant, RayMontreux '77
2308202Flanagan, Tommy Montreux '77
2308203Eldridge, Roy Montreux '77
2308204Carter, Benny Montreux '77
2308205Jackson, Milt & Ray Brown Montreux '77 Jam
2308206Fitzgerald, Ella & Tommy Flanagan Montreux '77
2308207Basie, CountMontreux '77
2308208Peterson, Oscar Montreux '77
2308209Basie, CountMontreux '77 Jam
2308210(Various Artists) Pablo All Star Jam: Montreux '77
2308211Gillespie, Dizzy Montreux '77 Jam
2308212Pass, JoeMontreux '77
2308213Peterson, Oscar And The Bassists: Montreux '77
2308214Davis, EddieMontreux '77
2308216Carter, Benny Live And Well In Japan
2308217Coltrane, John Paris Concert, The 1962
2308218Williams, Mary Lou Solo Recital: Montreux '78
2308219Young, Lester In Washington, DC 1956 1
2308220Grappelli, Stephane Tivoli Gardens
2308221Pass, Joe & Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen Northsea Nights
2308222Coltrane, John European Tour, The
2308223Fitzgerald, Ella et al Digital III At Montreux
2308224Peterson, Oscar Digital At Montreux
2308225Young, Lester In Washington, DC 1956 2
2308226Gillespie, Dizzy Digital At Montreux 1980
2308227Coltrane, John Bye Bye Blackbird
2308228Young, Lester In Washington, DC 1956 3
2308229Gillespie, Dizzy & Mongo Santamaria Summertime, Digital 1980
2308230Young, Lester In Washington, DC 1956 4
2308231Peterson, Oscar Nigerian Marketplace
2308232Peterson, Oscar & Stephane Grappelli Skol - In Scandinavia
2308233Thielmans, Toots et al Live In The Netherlands
2308234Fitzgerald, Ella Ella A Nice
2308235Jackson, Milt Memories Of Thelonious Sphere Monk
2308237Edison, Harry 'S Wonderful - Live At Club 33 Japan
2308238Adderley, Cannonball What Is This Thing Called Soul?
2308239Pass, JoeLive At Long Beach College
2308240Jazz At The Philharmonic Hartford, 1953
2308241Peterson, Oscar Good Life, The
2308242Fitzgerald, Ella & Duke Ellington Stockholm Concert 1966
2308243Modern Jazz Quartet Reunion At Budokan
2308244Modern Jazz Quartet Together Again! 1982
2308245Ellington, Duke Harlem
2308246Basie, CountLive In Japan
2308247Ellington, Duke In The Uncommon Market
2308249Pass, JoeUniversity Of Akron Concert

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