Omega Records Listing

compiled by Michael Fitzgerald
September 1997-August 10, 1998

This is not a catalog. This is a discographical tool for researchers. I have no idea how to obtain these records.

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Mark Koldys <>
Jack Woker <>
François Ziegler <>

??Bay, FrancisPlays Charlie Barnet 1961
OSD-1(Various Artists) Sounds Out Of This World
1Mumm, LloydChampagne Music For Dancing
2Marx, DickMarx Makes Broadway
3Stevens, LeithDestination Moon
4(theremin album)Music For Heavenly Bodies
5Lighthouse All Stars Jazz Rolls Royce
6Bolling, ClaudeRolling With Bolling
7ChainoJungle Echoes
8Stravinsky, IgorPetrouchka
9Berlioz, HectorSymphony Fantastique
10Chapell, PolaCinema Italiano
11Hi-Lo's, TheIn Stereo
12Schubert, FranzSymphony No. 9 "The Great"
13Bach, J. S.Keyboard Concerti
14Schumann, RobertPiano Concerto In A
15RousselPiano Concerto
16Bay, FrancisSalute To Tommy Dorsey
17Bay, FrancisSalute To Ted Heath
18Bay, FrancisBrussels World's Fair Salutes Glenn Miller
19Bay, FrancisBay Swings The 40's
20Bay, FrancisLatin Beat 1958
21Bay, FrancisPlays Artie Shaw 1958
22Bay, FrancisPlays Harry James 1958
23PlumStrings Around The World
24Bay, FrancisPlays Duke Ellington 1959
25Bay, FrancisSentimental Swingers 1961
26Bay, FrancisSwingin' High 1961
27Bay, FrancisPlays Stan Kenton 1961
28EttiVoices From The Vienna Woods
38Strauss, JohannWaltzes
39Bach, J. S.Brandenburg Concerto No. 1, 2
40Bach, J. S.Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, 4
41Bach, J. S.Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, 6
42Rachmaninoff, Sergei Suite No. 2 For Two Pianos
43Effenbachs, ThePiano Bravo
44Bay, FrancisLatin Heat c. 1962
45Franck, CesarFantasie In A
47Gonsalves, VirgilJazz At Monterey
50Bay, FrancisSwingin' Night People c. 1963
51Sutton, RalphJazz At The Olympics
52Clayton, Buck et al Dixieland A La Carte1959
55London PopsStrings Around The World, Vol. 2
61London PopsStrings Around The World, Vol. 4
62Broadway PopsStrings Around The World, Vol. 5
63Clayton, Buck et al Dixieland1959
64DinapoliMusic From The Silent Films
70Schubert, FranzUnfinished Symphony
72Tchaikovsky, Peter Pathetique Symphony
3024Armstrong, Louis Live At Newport 19601960
3025Gillespie, Dizzy et al Live At Newport 19601960
7012Moore, Oscar c. 1957
7018Jones, Inez 1957
7020Pepper, Art 1957

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