Arista/Novus Records Listing

compiled by Brian W. Burgess
September 1997

This is not a catalog. This is a discographical tool for researchers. I have no idea how to obtain these records.

Thanks to contributors:

3000Abrams, Muhal Richard Lifea Blinec
3001Bernhardt, Warren Solo Piano
3002AirOpen Air Suit
3003Lake, OliverLife Dance Of Is
3004Hersey, BairdLooking For That Groove
3005Coryell, LarryEuropean Impressions
3006Blake, RanRapport
3007Abrams, Muhal Richard Spiral Live At Montreux 1978
3008AirMontreux Suisse
3009Mainieri, Mike & Warren Bernhardt Free Smiles
3010Lake, OliverShine
3011Bernhardt, Warren Floating
3012Jackson, Michael Gregory Gifts
3013Threadgill, Henry K-75, Volume 1
3014AirAir Lore
3015Jackson, Michael Gregory Heart And Center
3016Hersey, BairdHave You Heard?
3017Coryell, LarryTributaries
3018Scofield, JohnWho's Who?
3019Blake, RanFilm Noir
3020Bernhardt, Warren Manhattan Update
3021Sanders, Pharoah & Norman Connors Beyond A Dream
3022Scofield, JohnBar Talk
3023Khan, SteveEvidence
3024Coryell, LarryStanding Ovation
2-3500Klemmer, JohnNexus For Duo And Trio

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