Norgran Records Listing

compiled by François Ziegler
July 1, 1998

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Ten inch series:
1Johnny HodgesSwing With Johnny Hodges 52
2Dizzy Gillespie & Stan GetzThe Dizzy Gillespie-Stan Getz Sextet 53
3Buddy DeFrancoThe Buddy DeFranco Quartet c.54
4Al HibblerFavorites52,53
5Lester YoungWith The Oscar Peterson Trio Vol 1 52
6Lester YoungWith The Oscar Peterson Trio Vol 2 52
7Louis BellsonThe Exciting Mr. Bellson And His Big Band c.54
8Charlie VenturaQuartet
9Chico O'FarrillThe Second Afro-Cuban Jazz Suite 51
10Benny CarterThe Urbane Mr. Carter c.54
11Bernard PeifferEt Son Trio
12Don ByasIn France "Don Byas et ses rhythmes"
13Slim GaillardAnd His Musical Aggregation (Wherever He May Be) 51,52
14Louis BellsonWith Wardell Grayc.54
15Al HibblerSings Duke Ellington54
16Buddy DeFrancoPretty Moods54
18Dizzy Gillespie & Stan GetzThe Dizzy Gillespie-Stan Getz Sextet Vol 2 53
19Tal FarlowThe Tal Farlow Album54
20Charlie VenturaAn Evening With Charlie Ventura With Mary Ann McCall 54
21Benny CarterThe Formidable Benny Carter c.54
22Toshiko AkiyoshiToshiko's Piano54
23Bud PowellThe Artistry Of Bud Powell 54
24George WallingtonThe Workshop Of The George Wallington Trio 54
25(no leader)The Six54
26Buddy RichSwinging53,54
27Chico O'FarrillMambo Dance Sessions c.51
28Chico O'FarrillLatino Dance Sessions c.51
29Kenny DrewThe Ideation Of Kenny Drew c.54
30Anita O'DaySongs By Anita O'Day54,55
31Chico O'FarrillChico O'Farrill
32Jack CostanzoAfro-Cubano54

Twelve inch series:
1000Stan GetzInterpretations53
1001Ben WebsterThe Consummate Artistry Of Ben Webster 53
1002Kenny DrewProgressive Piano53
1003Dizzy GillespieAfro54
1004Johnny HodgesMemories Of Ellington 51,52,54
1005Lester YoungThe President50…52
1006Buddy DeFrancoThe Progressive Mr. DeFranco 53,54
1007Louis BellsonJourney Into Love54
1008Stan GetzInterpretations Vol 253
1009Johnny HodgesMore Of Johnny Hodges 51,54
1010George WallingtonWith Strings54
1011Louis BellsonAnd His Drums54
1012Buddy DeFrancoAnd His Clarinet54
1013Charlie VenturaAnother Evening With Charlie Ventura And Mary Ann McCall c.54
1014Tal FarlowThe Artistry Of Tal Farlow 54
1015Benny CarterPlays Pretty54
1016Buddy DeFranco & Oscar Peterson The George Gershwin Song Book54
1017Bud PowellJazz Original54,55
1018Ben WebsterMusic For Loving54
1019Teddy WilsonThe Creative Teddy Wilson 55
1020Louis BellsonThe Driving Louis Bellson 55
1021(Various)Our Best
1022Lester YoungIt Don't Mean A Thing 54
1023Dizzy GillespieDizzy And Strings 54
1024Johnny HodgesDance Bash52,55
1025Benny Carter[UNRELEASED]
1026Buddy DeFrancoQuartet®53
1027Tal FarlowThe Interpretations Of Tal Farlow 55
1028Ralph BurnsAmong The J.A.T.P.'s 54
1029Stan GetzInterpretations Vol 353,54
1030Tal FarlowA Recital By Tal Farlow 55
1031Buddy RichSing And Swing With Buddy Rich 55
1032Stan GetzWest Coast Jazz55
1033(Various)Swing Guitars53,55
1034(Various)Tenor Saxes49-55
1035(Various)Alto Saxes47-55
1036(Various)Piano Interpretations50-55
1037Lionel Hampton & Stan GetzHamp And Getz 55
1038Buddy Rich & Harry EdisonBuddy And Sweets 55
1039Ben WebsterPlays Music With Feeling 54,55
1040The Modern Jazz SocietyA Concert Of Contemporary Music 55
1041Charlie Ventura & al.Charlie Ventura's Carnegie Hall Concert 47
1042Stan GetzPlays®52,53
1043Lester Young & Harry EdisonPres & Sweets 55
1044Benny CarterNew Jazz Sounds54
1045Johnny HodgesCreamy55
1046Louis BellsonSkin Deep®53,54
1047Tal FarlowThe Tal Farlow Album54,55
1048Johnny HodgesCastle Rock51,52
1049Anita O'DaySings Jazz®52
1050Dizzy Gillespie & Stan GetzDiz And Getz ®53
1052Buddy RichThe Swingin' Buddy Rich 53…55
1053Charlie VenturaAn Evening With Mary Ann McCall & Charlie Ventura ®54
1054Lester YoungThe President Plays With The Oscar Peterson Trio ®52
1055Johnny HodgesEllingtonia '5656
1056(no leader)The Jazz Giants '5656
1057Anita O'DayAn Evening With Anita O'Day 54,55
1058Benny CarterAlone Together52
1059Johnny HodgesIn A Tender Mood52
1060Johnny HodgesUsed To Be Duke54
1061Johnny HodgesThe Blues52…54
1062Bill HarrisThe Bill Harris Herd ®52
1063Bud PowellJazz Giant®49,50
1064Bud PowellBud Powell's Moods54,55
1065(Various)An Evening Of Jazz®49,50,54
1066Kenny Drew= MGN 1002 [The Modernity Of Kenny Drew] ®53
1067Jack Costanzo/Andre's All StarsAfro-Cubano ®c.54
1068Buddy DeFrancoJazz Tones54
1069Buddy DeFranco= MGN 1026 [Mr. Clarinet] ®53
1070Benny CarterCosmopolite52,53
1071Lester YoungLester's Here51,53
1072Lester YoungPres50,51
1073Charlie VenturaIn A Jazz Mood51…53
1074Lester YoungThe Lester Young-Nat King Cole-Buddy Rich Trio ®45,46
1075Charlie VenturaBlue Saxophone51
1076(no leader)The Modern Jazz Sextet 56
1077Bud PowellPiano Interpretations 55
1078Buddy RichThe Wailing Buddy Rich 55
1079Buddy DeFrancoIn A Mellow Mood54
1080Lionel HamptonLionel Hampton's Jazz Giants 55
1081Herb EllisEllis In Wonderland56
1082Billy BauerPlectrist56
1083Dizzy GillespieAnd His Orchestra 55
1084Dizzy GillespieWorld Statesman56
1085Buddy DeFrancoWailers56
1086Buddy RichThis One's For Basie56
1087Stan Getz'56®53
1088Stan GetzMore West Coast Jazz With Stan Getz ®53
1089Ben Webster= MGN 1001 [King Of The Tenors] ®53
1090Dizzy Gillespie= MGN 1023 [Diz Big Band] ®54
1091Johnny Hodges= MGN 1024 [Perdido] ®52,55
1092Johnny Hodges= MGN 1004 [In A Mellow Tone] ®51,52,54
1093Lester Young= MGN 1005 [Lester Swings Again] ®50…52
1094Buddy DeFranco= MGN 1006 [Odalisque] ®53,54
1095Louis Bellson= MGN 1011 [Concerto For Drums][UNRELEASED] ®54
1096Buddy DeFranco= MGN 1012 [Autumn Leaves] ®54
1097Tal Farlow= MGN 1014 [Autumn In New York] ®54
1098Bud Powell= MGN 1017 [Bud Powell '57] ®54,55
1099Louis Bellson= MGN 1020 [The Hawk Talks] ®55
1100Lester Young= MGN 1022®54
1101Tal Farlow= MGN 1027 [Fascinating Rhythm] ®55
1102Tal FarlowTal56
1103Charlie VenturaCharley's Parley
1105 ?Buddy DeFranco= Verve MGV 2033 [UNRELEASED] 56
1105 ?Ray Brown= Verve MGV 8022 [UNRELEASED] 56
1106Howard Roberts= Verve MGV 8192 [UNRELEASED] 56

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® denotes reissues.

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