Nessa Records Listing

compiled by François Ziegler and Michael Fitzgerald
October 21-December 30, 1997

This is not a catalog. This is a discographical tool for researchers. I have no idea how to obtain these records.

Thanks to contributors:

Chuck Nessa <>

1Bowie, LesterNumbers 1 & 2
2Mitchell, RoscoeCongliptious
3Art Ensemble Of Chicago People In Sorrow
4Art Ensemble Of Chicago Les Stances A Sophie
5Mitchell, RoscoeOld/Quartet
6Freeman, VonHave No Fear
7Marsh, WarneAll Music
8Webster, BenDid You Call
9/10Mitchell, Roscoe Nonaah (2-Lp)
11Freeman, VonSerenade And Blues
12AirAir Time
13Thompson, LuckyBody And Soul
14/15Mitchell, Roscoe L-R-G/The Maze/S II Examples (2-Lp)
16Tyler, CharlesSaga Of The Outlaws
17Bradford, Bobby & John Stevens Spontaneous Music Ensemble 1
18Bradford, Bobby & John Stevens Spontaneous Music Ensemble 2
19Smith, LeoSpirit Catcher
20Mitchell, RoscoeSnurdy McGurdy And Her Dancin' Shoes
21Russell, HalNRG Ensemble
22Johnson, EddieIndian Summer
23Anderson, FredMissing Link, The
24Russell, Hal & Mars Williams Eftsoons
25Russell, HalNRG Ensemble With Charles Tyler
26Smith, LeoProcession Of The Great Ancestry

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