Elektra/Musician Records Listing

compiled by Eric Bur & Michael Fitzgerald
August 10, 1998-August 16, 1999

This is not a catalog. This is a discographical tool for researchers. I have no idea how to obtain these records.

Thanks to contributors:

Brian W. Burgess <burgebw@execpc.com>
François Ziegler <ziegler@math.psu.edu>

60019Parker, Charlie One Night In Washington
60020Red Rodney & Ira Sullivan Spirit Within
60021Khan, Chaka et al. "Echoes Of An Era"
60022Gale, EricBlue Horizon
60023McFerrin, Bobby Bobby McFerrin
60024Ritenour, LeeRio
60025Corea, Chick et al. Griffith Park Collection
60026Brown, Clifford Pure Genius 1
60029Hubbard, Freddie Ride Like The Wind
60030Powell, BudInner Fires
60031McLaughlin, John My Goals Beyond
60042MaterialMemory Serves
60043(Various Artists) Musician's Guide, The 1
60123Cobham, BillyObservations &
60125Allison, MoseMiddle Class White Boy
60126Gordon, Dexter American Classic
60130Sancious, David Bridge, The
60131Shaw, WoodyMaster Of The Art
60136(Various Artists) Musicians Guide 2
60161Albany, JoePortrait Of An Artist
60162Scott, TomDesire
60163Freeman, Chico Tradition In Transition
60164Evans, BillParis Concert, The 1
60165Corea, ChickEchoes Of An Era 2
60166SphereFour In One
60167Corea, ChickAgain And Again
60168Steps AheadSteps Ahead
60175Smith, JimmyOff The Top
60195Amram, DavidLatin Jazz Celebration
60196(Various Artists) Young Lions, The
60197Klemmer, JohnFinesse
60198Gale, EricIsland Breeze
60213Eubanks, Kevin Guitarist
60214Carter, RonEtudes
60220Lloyd, Charles Montreux 82
60221Laswell, BillBaselines
60233Cobham, BillySmokin'
60237Allison, MoseLessons In Living
60261Red Rodney & Ira Sullivan Sprint
60262Corea, Chick et al. Griffith Park In Concert
60264Tristano, Lennie New York Improvisations
60269Doors, The Alive, She Cried
60297Watanabe, Sadao Fill Up The Night
60298(Various Artists) In Performance At The Playboy Jazz Festival
60299Shaw, WoodyNight Music
60300Gillespie, Dizzy One Night In Washington
60301Smith, JimmyKeep On Comin'
60310Ritenour, LeeOn The Line
60311Evans, BillParis Concert, The 2
60313SphereFlight Path
60318Washington, Grover Jr. Inside Moves
60349Evans, BillLiving In The Crest Of A Wave
60350Tyner, McCoyDimensions
60351Steps AheadModern Times
60358Ritenour, Lee Banded Together
60361Freeman, Chico Tangents
60366McFerrin, Bobby Voice, The
60369Morse, SteveIntroduction, The
60370Getz, Stan & Albert Dailey Poetry
60371Watanabe, Sadao Rendezvous
60415Washington, Grover Jr. [compilation?]
60431Watanabe, Sadao Maisha
60441Steps Ahead Magnetic
60448Morse, Steve Stand Up
60537Washington, Grover Jr. Paradise
60759Horvitz, Wayne This New Generation
60760Gilberto, Joao Live In Montreux
60831Hemphill, Julius Big Band
60843Frisell, BillBefore We Were Born
60864World Saxophone Quartet Rhythm & Blues

60021 is an "honorary" Musician issue. While it is clearly not labeled as such, its mates (Griffith Park 1, 2, In Concert and Echoes vol. 2) are. The same is true for 60358, 60441 and 60448. 60269 is non-Musician.

Other bold titles are unconfirmed.

Musician issues are interspersed among other Elektra catalog numbers, making a complete listing more difficult to confirm.

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