Milestone Records Listing

compiled by Michael Fitzgerald
April 19, 2005

Thanks to contributors:

2000 Series

2001 Rainey, Ma Immortal Ma Rainey, The
2002 Dodds, Johnny Immortal Johnny Dodds, The
2003 Morton, Jelly Roll Immortal Jelly Roll Morton, The
2004 Jefferson, Blind Lemon Immortal Blind Lemon Jefferson, The
2005 Henderson, Fletcher Immortal Fletcher Henderson, The
2006 Oliver, King Immortal King Oliver, The
2007 Jefferson, Blind Lemon Volume Two
2008 Rainey, Ma Blame It On The Blues
2009 (Various Artists) Boogie Woogie Rarities 1927-1932
2010 Armstrong, Louis Early Portrait, An
2011 Dodds, Johnny Chicago Mess Around
2012 Hines, Earl Monday Date 1928
2013 Jefferson, Blind Lemon Black Snake Moan
2014 Keppard, Freddie/Tommy Ladnier New Orleans Horns
2015 Cox, Ida Blues Ain't Nothin' Else But…
2016 (Various Artists) Blues Tradition, The 1927-1932
2017 Rainey, Ma Down In The Basement
2018 (Various Artists) Pitchin' Boogie

9000 Series

9001 Jones, Thad & Pepper Adams Mean What You Say
9002 Solal, Martial Solal
9003 Merrill, Helen & Dick Katz Feeling Is Mutual, The
9004 Kelly, Wynton Full View
9005 Moody, James And The Brass Figures
9006 Bartz, Gary Libra
9007 Vig, Tommy Sounds Of The Seventies
9008 Henderson, Joe Kicker, The
9009 Adderley, Nat Natural Soul
9010 Upchurch, Phil Feeling Blue
9011 Timmons, Bobby Got To Get It
9012 Wofford, Mike Summer Night
9013 Konitz, Lee Duets
9014 Solal, Martial On Home Ground
9015 Montgomery, Buddy Two-Sided Album, The
9016 Adderley, Nat Scavenger, The
9017 Henderson, Joe Tetragon
9018 Bartz, Gary Another Earth
9019 Merrill, Helen Shade Of Difference, A
9020 Timmons, Bobby Do You Know The Way
9021 Blake, Ran Blue Potato, The
9022 DeJohnette, Jack DeJohnette Complex, The
9023 Moody, James Blues And Other Colors, The
9024 Henderson, Joe Power To The People
9025 Konitz, Lee Peacemeal
9026 Berger, Karl Tune In
9027 Bartz, Gary Home!
9028 Henderson, Joe If You're Not Part Of The Solution, You're Part Of
9029 DeJohnette, Jack Have You Heard?
9030 Adderley, Cannonball & Nat In New Orleans
9031 Bartz, Gary Harlem Bush Music - Taifa
9032 Bartz, Gary Harlem Bush Music - Uhuru
9033 Bley, Paul Synthesizer Show
9034 Henderson, Joe In Pursuit Of Blackness
9035 (Various Artists) Early Modern
9036 Lytle, Johnny Soulful Rebel
9037 Hall, Jim Where Would I Be
9038 Konitz, Lee Spirits
9039 Tyner, McCoy Sahara
9040 Henderson, Joe Black Is The Color
9041 Mance, Junior That Lovin' Feelin'
9042 Rollins, Sonny Next Album
9043 Lytle, Johnny People And Love
9044 Tyner, McCoy Song For My Lady
9045 Hall, Jim & Ron Carter Alone Together
9046 Bley, Paul Paul Bley & Scorpio
9047 Henderson, Joe In Japan
9048 Howell, Michael Looking Glass
9049 Tyner, McCoy Song Of The New World
9050 Henderson, Joe Multiple
9051 Rollins, Sonny Horn Culture
9052 Purim, Flora Butterfly Dreams
9053 Henderson, Joe Elements, The
9054 Howell, Michael In The Silence
9055 Tyner, McCoy Echoes Of A Friend
9056 Tyner, McCoy Sama Layuca
9057 Henderson, Joe Canyon Lady
9058 Purim, Flora Stories To Tell
9059 Rollins, Sonny Cutting Edge, The
9060 Konitz, Lee Satori
9061 De Souza, Raul Colors
9062 Smith, Johnny "Hammond" Gears
9063 Tyner, McCoy Trident
9064 Rollins, Sonny Nucleus
9065 Purim, Flora Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly
9066 Henderson, Joe Black Miracle
9067 Tyner, McCoy Fly With The Wind
9068 Smith, Johnny "Hammond" Forever Taurus
9069 Opa Goldenwings
9070 Purim, Flora 500 Miles High At Montreux
9071 Henderson, Joe Black Narcissus
9072 Tyner, McCoy Focal Point
9073 Carter, Ron Pastels
9074 Rollins, Sonny Way I Feel, The
9075 Purim, Flora Nothing Will Be As It Was…Tomorrow
9076 Smith, Johnny "Hammond" Storm Warning
9077 Purim, Flora Encounter
9078 Opa Magic Time
9079 Tyner, McCoy Inner Voices
9080 Rollins, Sonny Easy Living
9081 Purim, Flora That's What She Said
9082 Carter, Ron Peg Leg
9083 Smith, Johnny "Hammond" Don't Let The System Get You
9084 Purim, Flora Everyday, Every Night
9085 Tyner, McCoy Greeting, The
9086 Carter, Ron Song For You, A
9087 Tyner, McCoy Together
9088 Carter, Ron Parade
9089 Azymuth Light As A Feather
9090 Rollins, Sonny Don't Ask
9091 Tyner, McCoy Passion Dance
9092 Carter, Ron Pick 'Em
9093 Johnson, J.J. Pinnacles
9094 Tyner, McCoy Horizon
9095 Purim, Flora Love Reborn
9096 Carter, Ron NY Slick
9097 Azymuth Outubro
9098 Rollins, Sonny Love At First Sight
9099 Carter, Ron Patrao
9100 Carter, Ron Super Strings
9101 Azymuth Telecommunication
9102 Tyner, McCoy 13th House
9103 Irakere Chekere Son
9104 Rollins, Sonny No Problem
9105 Carter, Ron Third Plane
9106 Adderley, Cannonball Sextet, The
9107 Carter, Ron Parfait
9108 Rollins, Sonny Reel Life
9109 Azymuth Cascades
9110 Montgomery, Wes Encores
9111 Irakere El Coco
9112 Crawford, Hank Midnight Ramble
9113 Neptune, John Kaizan West Of Somewhere
9114 Subramaniam, L Spanish Wave
9115 Monk, Thelonious Evidence
9116 McGriff, Jimmy Countdown
9117 Bertrami, Jose Roberto Blue Wave
9118 Azymuth Rapid Transit
9119 Crawford, Hank Indigo Blue
9120 Subramaniam, L Indian Express
9121 Ponder, Jimmy Down Here On The Ground
9122 Rollins, Sonny Sunny Days, Starry Nights
9123 Strunz & Farah Frontera
9124 Monk, Thelonious Blues Five Spot
9125 Evans, Bill More From The Vanguard
9126 McGriff, Jimmy Skywalk
9127 Conti, Ivan Human Factor
9128 Azymuth Flame
9129 Crawford, Hank Down On The Deuce
9130 Subramaniam, L Conversations
9131 Malheiros, Alex Atlantic Forest
9132 Ponder, Jimmy So Many Stars
9133 Casiopea Zoom
9134 Azymuth Spectrum
9135 McGriff, Jimmy State Of The Art
9136 Strunz & Farah Guitarras
9137 Rollins, Sonny Solo Album, The
9138 Subramaniam, L Mani & Co.
9139 Prysock, Arthur Rockin' Good Way, A
9140 Crawford, Hank Roadhouse Symphony
9141 Bertrami, Jose Roberto Dreams Are Real
9142 Crawford, Hank & Jimmy McGriff Soul Survivors
9143 Azymuth Tightrope Walker
9144 (Various Artists) Round Midnight
9145 Murphy, Mark Night Mood
9146 Prysock, Arthur This Guy's In Love With You
9147 White, Carla Orient Express
9148 McGriff, Jimmy Starting Five, The
9149 Crawford, Hank Mr. Chips
9150 Rollins, Sonny G-Man
9151 Evans, Bill Jazzhouse
9152 Cole, Richie Popbop
9153 Crawford, Hank & Jimmy McGriff Steppin' Up
9154 Murphy, Mark September Ballads
9155 Rollins, Sonny Dancing In The Dark
9156 Azymuth Crazy Rhythm
9157 Prysock, Arthur Today's Love Songs, Tomorrow's Blues
9158 Roditi, Claudio Gemini Man
9159 White, Carla Mood Swings
9161 Habian, Cliff Tonal Paintings
9162 Cole, Richie Signature
9163 McGriff, Jimmy Blue To The Bone
9164 Evans, Bill You're Going To Hear From Me
9165 Earland, Charles Front Burner
9166 (Various Artists) Bird Lives!
9167 Tyner, McCoy Uptown/Downtown
9168 Crawford, Hank Night Beat
9169 Azymuth Carioca
9170 Evans, Bill Solo Sessions 1
9172 Habian, Cliff Manhattan Bridge
9173 Handy, John Centerpiece
9174 Earland, Charles Third Degree Burn
9175 Roditi, Claudio Slow Fire
9176 Smith, Jimmy Prime Time
9177 Crawford, Hank & Jimmy McGriff On The Blue Side
9178 Doky, Niels Lan Dreams
9179 Rollins, Sonny Falling In Love With Jazz
9180 Cole, Richie & Hank Crawford Bossa International
9181 Grappelli, Stephane & McCoy Tyner One On One
9182 Crawford, Hank Groove Master
9183 Doky, Niels Lan Friendship
9184 Smith, Jimmy Fourmost
9185 Evans, Bill Blue In Green
9186 Easley, Bill First Call
9187 Redd, Freddie Everybody Loves A Winner
9188 Newman, David Back To Basics
9189 Hyman, Dick et al. Stride Piano Summit
9190 Donaldson, Lou Play The Right Thing
9191 Baker, Chet Out Of Nowhere
9192 Crawford, Hank Portrait
9193 Tate, Grady Sings
9194 Rollins, Sonny Here's To The People
9195 Evans, Bill Solo Sessions 2
9196 Woods, Phil Full House
9197 Jordan, Clifford Down Through The Years
9198 Donaldson, Lou Birdseed
9199 Monk, Thelonious San Francisco Holiday
9200 Evans, Bill Loose Blues
9201 Crawford, Hank South Central
9202 Bonfa, Luiz Bonfa Magic, The
9203 Moura, Paulo & Raphael Rebello Dois Irmaos
9204 Luiz, Nonato et al. Gosto De Brasil
9205 Tomatito Barrio Negro
9206 Pardo, Jorge Las Cigarras Son Quiza Sordas
9207 Smith, Jimmy Sum Serious Blues
9208 Tate, Grady Body And Soul
9209 Puebla, Carlos et al. La Bodeguita Del Medio
9210 Santamaria, Mongo Mongo Introduces La Lupe
9211 (Various Artists) Christmas Songs
9212 Powell, Baden Seresta Brasileira
9213 Pereira, Marco & Cristovao Bastos Bons Encontros
9214 Luiz, Nonato & Tulio Mourao Carioca
9215 Rollins, Sonny Old Flames
9216 Riverside Reunion Band Mostly Monk
9217 Donaldson, Lou Caracas
9218 Cuber, Ronnie Scene Is Clean, The
9219 Holloway, Ron Slanted
9220 Silva, Robertinho Speak No Evil
9221 Rebello, Raphael & Dino Sete Cordas Rio Nights
9222 Hora, Rildo Espraiado
9223 Pardo, Jorge Veloz
9224 Goldschmidt, Per Frankly
9225 Gonzalez, Jerry Crossroads
9226 Oquendo, Manny Mejor Que Nunca
9227 Ross, Billy Sound, The
9228 Riverside Reunion Band Hi-Fly
9229 Pardo, Jorge & Chano Dominguez 10 de Paco
9230 Da Paraiba, Canhoto Walking On Coals
9231 Leitte, Dirceu Leitte De Coco
9232 Mario, Francisco Retratos
9233 Jackson, Duffy Swing! Swing! Swing!
9234 Berrios, Steve First World
9235 Evans, Bill On Green Dolphin Street
9236 Campbell, Gary Intersection
9237 Afro Blue Band Impressions
9238 Holloway, Ron Struttin'
9239 O'Farrill, Chico Pure Emotion
9240 Henderson, Eddie Inspiration
9241 Silva, Robertinho Shot On Goal
9242 Gonzalez, Jerry Pensativo
9243 Locke, Joe Moment To Moment
9244 Tyner, McCoy Prelude And Sonata
9245 Santamaria, Mongo Mongo Returns
9246 Mauro, Turk Hittin' The Jug
9248 Mraz, George Jazz
9249 Evans, Bill & Stan Getz But Beautiful
9250 Rollins, Sonny +3
9251 Smith, Jimmy & Eddie Harris All The Way Live
9252 Montgomery, Wes Encores Vol. 1: Body And Soul
9254 Henderson, Eddie Dark Shadows
9255 Berrios, Steve And Then Some!
9256 Hicks, John Keystone Trio
9257 Holloway, Ron Scorcher
9258 Gonzalez, Jerry And The Fort Apache Band
9259 Crawford, Hank Tight
9260 Estrada Brothers, The Get Out Of My Way
9261 Montgomery, Wes Encores Vol. 2: Blue 'n Boogie
9262 Mraz, George My Foolish Heart
9263 Oquendo, Manny On The Move (Muevete!)
9264 Henderson, Eddie et al. Dream Session - The All Stars Play Miles Davis
9265 Woods, Phil et al. Alto Summit
9266 Anderson, Clifton Landmarks
9267 Mauro, Turk Truth, The
9268 McGriff, Jimmy Dream Team, The
9269 Pedersen, Niels Friends Forever
9270 Keystone Trio Newklear Music
9271 Locke, Joe Sound Tracks
9272 Mraz, George Bottom Lines
9273 Shank, Bud By Request: Bud Shank Meets The Rhythm Section
9274 Crawford, Hank & Jimmy McGriff Road Tested
9275 Adderley, Cannonball Greatest Hits
9276 Holloway, Ron Groove Update
9277 Pardo, Jorge In A Minute
9278 Golson, Benny Remembering Clifford
9279 Crawford, Hank After Dark
9280 Rollins, Sonny Global Warming
9281 Pata Negra Best Of
9282 Evans, Bill Half Moon Bay
9283 Alexander, Eric et al. Solid!
9284 Locke, Joe Slander (And Other Love Songs)
9285 McGriff, Jimmy Straight Up
9286 Payton, Soloff, Harrell, Henderson Trumpet Legacy
9287 Crawford, Hank & Jimmy McGriff Crunch Time
9289 Drew, Kenny Jr. Winter Flower
9290 Soloff, Lew With A Song In My Heart
9291 Evans, Bill Homecoming
9292 Mraz, George Duke's Place
9293 Alexander, Eric Man With A Horn
9294 O'Farrill, Arturo Blood Lines
9295 Yamada, Joh Bluestone
9296 Duran, Mad & Eddie From Here To The Moon
9297 Shaw, Ian & Cedar Walton In A New York Minute
9298 Montgomery, Wes Dangerous
9299 O'Farrill, Chico Heart Of A Legend
9300 McGriff, Jimmy McGriff's House Party
9301 Koorax, Ithamara Serenade In Blue
9302 Alexander, Eric First Milestone
9317 Evans, Bill & Don Elliott Tenderly - An Informal Session
9326 Snidero, Jim Strings

There are subsequent current issues not included at this point.

The first few issues in the 9000 series were also issued in mono in the 1000 series.

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