Improvising Artists Records Listing

compiled by Michael Fitzgerald & François Ziegler
October 25, 1997

This is not a catalog. This is a discographical tool for researchers. The catalog is here.

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Improvising Artists Inc.

37.38.39Bley, Giuffre, Connors Quiet Song
37.38.40Bley, PaulAlone, Again
37.38.41Bley, PaulTurning Point
37.38.42Blake, RanBreakthru
37.38.43Rivers, Sam & Dave Holland Volume 1
37.38.44Bley, PaulVirtuosi
37.38.45Konitz, LeePyramid
37.38.46Bley, PaulJaco
37.38.47Lacy, SteveSidelines
37.38.48Rivers, Sam & Dave Holland Volume 2
37.38.49Bley, PaulJapan Suite
37.38.50Sun RaSolo Piano
37.38.51Nock, MikeAlmanac
37.38.52Bley, PaulColeman Classics 1958 1
37.38.53Bley, PaulAxis
37.38.54Bowie, Lester & Philip Wilson Duet
37.38.55Brown, Marion & Gunter Hampel Reeds 'n Vibes
37.38.56Robinson, Perry Kundalini
37.38.57Jackson, Michael Gregory & Oliver Lake Karmonic Suite
37.38.58Sun RaSt. Louis Blues
37.38.59Giuffre, Konitz, Connors, Bley IAI Festival

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