Honey Dew Records Listing

compiled by François Ziegler
October 21, 1997-May 3, 1998

This is not a catalog. This is a discographical tool for researchers. I have no idea how to obtain these records.

Thanks to contributors:

Brian W. Burgess <burgebw@execpc.com>

6601Simone, NinaPlease Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
6602Jones, ElvinSkyscrapers 1
6603Jones, ElvinSkyscrapers 2
6604Jones, ElvinSkyscrapers 3
6605Jones, ElvinSkyscrapers 4
6606Webster, BenLayin' Back With Ben 1
6607Webster, BenLayin' Back With Ben 2
6608Sloane, CarolCarol & Ben
6609Fruscella, Tony & Dave Schildkraut Bebop Is Where It's At 1
6610Fruscella, Tony & Dave Schildkraut Bebop Is Where It's At 2
6611Newman, JoeShiny Stockings
6612Newman, JoeWay Down Blues
6613Little, Wilbur & Dave McKenna Oil & Vinegar
6614Russell, Pee Wee Hot Licorice
6615Little, Wilbur & Dave McKenna Natural
6616Russell, Pee Wee Gumbo
6617Hackett, BobbyButterfly Airs 1
6618Hackett, BobbyButterfly Airs 2
6619Reece, DizzyPossession, Exorcism, Peace
6620Hackett, BobbyTin Roof Blues
6621Auer, VeraPositive Vibes

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