Arista/Freedom Records Listing

compiled by Brian W. Burgess
September 1997-April 26, 1998

This is not a catalog. This is a discographical tool for researchers. I have no idea how to obtain these records.

Thanks to contributors:

1000Ayler, Albert & Don Cherry Vibrations
1001Brown, MarionPorto Novo
1002Tolliver, Charles Paper Man
1003Barbieri, Gato & Dollar Brand Confluence
1004Weston, RandyCarnival
1005Taylor, CecilSilent Tongues
1006Rudd, RoswellFlexible Flyer
1007Hill, AndrewSpiral
1008Lake, OliverHeavy Spirits
1009Cowell, StanleyBrilliant Circles
1010Hanna, RolandPerugia
1011Redman, DeweyLook For The Black Star
1012Hemphill, Julius 'Coon Bid'ness
1013Waldron, MalBlues For Lady Day
1014Weston, RandyBlues To Africa
1015Lowe, FrankFresh
1016Shepp, ArchieThere's A Trumpet In My Soul
1017Tolliver, Charles Ringer, The
1018Ayler, AlbertWitches And Devils
1019New York MaryNew York Mary
1020Hawes, HamptonLive At The Montmartre
1021Curson, TedTears For Dolphy
1022Human Arts Ensemble Under The Sun
1023Hill, AndrewLive At Montreux
1024Lake, OliverNtu
1025Payne, John & Louis Levin Bedtime Stories
1026Weston, RandyBerkshire Blues
1027Shepp, ArchieMontreux One 1975
1028Hemphill, Julius Dogon A.D.
1029Rudd, RoswellInside Job
1030Curson, TedFlip Top
1031Garbarek, JanEsoteric Circle
1032Cowell, StanleyBlues For The Viet Cong
1033Grappelli, Stephane Parisian Thoroughfare
1034Shepp, ArchieMontreux II
1035New York MaryPiece Of The Apple
1036Payne, John & Louis Levin Razor's Edge
1037Teitelbaum, Richard & Anthony Braxton Time Zones
1038Taylor, CecilIndent
1039Human Arts Ensemble Whisper Of Dharma
1040Vitous, Miroslav Miroslav
1041Pukwana, DuduDiamond Express
1042Waldron, MalSignals
1043Hawes, HamptonLittle Copenhagen Night Music, A
1900Coleman, Ornette Great London Concert, The
1901Bley, PaulCopenhagen And Haarlem
1902Braxton, Anthony Complete Braxton 1971, The
1903Art Ensemble Of Chicago Paris Session
1904Brown, MarionDuets
1905Taylor, CecilNefertiti, The Beautiful One Has Come
1906Burrell, DaveHigh Won-High Two

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