Delmark Records Listing

compiled by Michael Fitzgerald & François Ziegler
October 26, 1997-May 14, 1999

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Brian W. Burgess <>
Bob Koester <>
Chuck Nessa <>

Traditional Jazz

101Fisele, JerryAnd The Fabulous Windy City Six
105Lewis, George
109Dawson, SidSid Dawson's Riverboat Ramblers
112Dixie StompersPlay New Orleans Jazz
113Dixie StompersWake The Levee
201Lewis, GeorgeDoctor Jazz
202Lewis, GeorgeOn Parade
203Lewis, GeorgeSinging Clarinet, The [earlier title]
203Lewis, GeorgeMemorial [later title]
204Dixie StompersJazz At Westminster College
206Gifford, WaltWalt Gifford's New Yorkers
207Hodes, ArtArt And Albert Nicholas Quartet
208Raymond, ClemLost Clarinet [UNISSUED?]
209Nicholas, AlbertWith Art Hodes' All-Star Stompers
210Hayes, ClancyOh By Jingo
211Bigard, Barney & Art Hodes Bucket's Got A Hole In It
212Hines, EarlAt Home
213Hodes, ArtHodes' Art
214New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra Grace And Beauty
215Hodes, ArtFriar's Inn Revisited
216Memphis Nighthawks Jazz Lips
217Hodes, ArtUp In Volly's Room
218Beebe, JimSaturday Night Function
219Bridges, Tommy & Jim Beebe Cornet Chop Suey
220Lewis, George & Don Ewell Reunion
221Classic Jazz Ensemble Classic Blues
222Classic Jazz Ensemble Twice In A While
223Jackson, FranzSnag It
224Dixie StompersAin't Gonna Tell Nobody Bout It
225Johnson, BunkLast Testament
226Jazz Ltd.Volume 1
227Rubenstein, RoyShout Em!
228Miller, EddieStreet Of Dreams
229Dixie StompersStock Yards Strut
230Beebe, JimSultry Serenade, A
231Cox, NorrieMove The Body Over

Modern Jazz

401Graf, BobAt Westminster
402Sullivan, IraBlue Stroll
403Young, JohnnySerenata
404Forrest, JimmyAll The Gin Is Gone
405Winchester, Lem[UNISSUED]
406Powell, BudBouncing With Bud
407Lateef, YusefYusef [earlier title]
407Byrd, DonaldFirst Flight [later title]
408Mitchell, RoscoeSound
409New York Contemporary Five New York Contemporary Five 1
410Jarman, JosephSong For
411Sun RaSun Song
412New York Contemporary Five New York Contemporary Five 2 [UNISSUED]
413Abrams, Muhal Richard Levels And Degrees Of Light
414Sun RaSound Of Joy
415Braxton, AnthonyThree Compositions of New Jazz
416Sash, LeonI Remember Newport
417Jarman, JosephAs If It Were The Seasons
418Schneider, KentCelebration For Modern Man
419McIntyre, Maurice Humility In The Light Of The Creator
420/21Braxton, Anthony For Alto (2-Lp)
422Sullivan, IraNicky's Tune
423Abrams, Muhal Richard Young At Heart, Wise In Time
424Freeman, GeorgeBirth Sign
425McIntyre, Maurice Forces And Feelings
426Stitt, Sonny & Don Patterson Made For Each Other
427Forrest, JimmyBlack Forrest
428Jarman, Joseph & Anthony Braxton Together Alone
429Smith, TabBecause Of You
430Abrams, Muhal Richard Things To Come From Those Now Gone
431Bascomb, PaulBad Bascomb
432/33Art Ensemble Of Chicago Live At Mandel Hall (2-Lp)
434Woods, ChrisSomebody Done Stole My Blues
435Forrest, JimmyNight Train
436Walton, FrankReality
437Woods, ChrisModus Operandi
438Various ArtistsHonkers And Bar Walkers 1
439Various ArtistsBig Band Jazz: Tulsa To Harlem
440Goode, BradShock Of The New
441Kelly, WyntonLast Trio Session
442Thompson, Malachi Spirit
443Coe, JimmyAfter Hours Joint
444Smith, MikeUnit 7
445Petersen, EdwardUpward Spiral
446Cooper, JimTough Town
447Smith, TabJump Time
448Smith, MikeOn A Cool Night
449Halliday, LinDelayed Exposure
450Thompson, Sir Charles Takin' Off
451Washington, Dinah Mellow Mama
452Various ArtistsHonkers And Bar Walkers 2
453Thompson, Malachi Jazz Life
454Christian, JodieExperience
455Smith, TabAce High
456Campbell, RoyNew Kingdom
457Cooper, JimNutville
458Halliday, LinEast Of The Sun
459Hawkins, ColemanRainbow Mist
460Jackson, WillisCall Of The Gators
461Alexander, EricStraight Up
462Smith, MikeTraveler, The
463Thompson, Malachi Lift Every Voice
464Massey, ZaneBrass Knuckles
465Hedges, ChuckSwingtet Live At Andy's
466Ritual TrioRenaissance Of The Resistance
467Christian, JodieRain Or Shine
468Halliday, LinWhere Or When
469Campbell, RoyLa Tierra Del Fuego
470Hines, EarlAnd The Duke's Men
471Cobb, ArnettArnett Blows For 1300
472Deems, BarrettHow D'You Like It So Far?
473Thompson, Malachi New Standards
474Petersen, EdwardHaint
475Mitchell, RoscoeHey Donald
476Alexander, EricUp Over & Out
477Ritual TrioBig Cliff
478Payne, CecilCerupa
479Lamb, AndrewPortrait In The Mist
480Smith, MikeSinatra Song Book
481Thompson, Malachi Buddy Bolden's Rag
482O'Hara, BettyHorns Aplenty
483Hedges, Chuck & Johnny Varro Skylark
484Smith, BobbyThat's For Sure!
485NRG EnsembleThis Is My House
486Brown, AriUltimate Frontier
487Massey, ZaneSafe To Imagine
488Alexander, Eric & Lin Halliday Stablemates
489Corpolongo, RichJust Found Joy
490Christian, JodieFront Line
491Leukaufe, CarlWarrior
492Deems, BarrettDeemus
493Mitchell, RoscoeSound Songs
494Payne, CecilScotch And Milk
495Goodrich, AndyMotherless Child
496Ethnic Heritage Ensemble Continuum, The
497Thompson, Malachi 47th Street
498Christian, JodieSoul Fountain
499Smith, TabTop And Bottom
500Alexander, EricMode For Mabes
501Catalano, FrankCut It Out
502Corpolongo, RichSmiles
503Mazurek, RobPlayground

Delmark was founded by Bob Koester in Chicago. Initially called Delmar, the "k" was added after Koester was threatened with a lawsuit. The final Delmar issues were 207 and 402. Copies of 208 (and perhaps others) were pressed on red as well as black vinyl.

407 was recorded by Donald Byrd for Transition records, initially reissued by Delmark under Yusef Lateef's name, but "corrected" in the 1990 re-reissue.

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