Double Time Records Listing

compiled by Michael Fitzgerald
April 19, 2005

Thanks to contributors:

101 Shew, Bobby Tribute To The Masters
102 Marr, Hank It's 'bout Time!
103 Dean, Kevin Kevin's Heaven
104 Coolman, Todd Lexicon
105 Galper, Hal Live At Port Townsend
106 Weiskopf, Walt Night Lights
107 Slagle, Steve Our Sound!
108 Herwig, Conrad New York Breed
109 Liebman, David Return Of The Tenor - Standards
110 Abercrombie, John & Andy LaVerne Where Were We
111 Skaff, Greg Blues And Other News
112 Marr, Hank Groovin' It!
113 Rosolino, Frank Fond Memories Of…
114 Braden, Don Open Road, The
115 Campbell, Gary Thick And Thin
116 Fusco, Andy Big Man's Blues
117 Reid, Rufus & Michael Moore Double Bass Delights
118 Juris, Vic Music Of Alec Wilder
119 Flory, Chris Word On The Street
120 Evans, Bill & Andy LaVerne Modern Days And Nights: Music Of Cole Porter
121 Breakstone, Joshua Let's Call This Monk!
122 Schonecker, Joachim Common Language
123 Davis, Steve Explorations And Impressions
124 Watrous, Bill Space Available
125 Galper, Hal Children Of The Night
126 Cohn, Joe Two Funky People
127 Bergonzi, Jerry Just Within
128 Wendholt, Scott Beyond Thursday
129 Barth, Bruce Don't Blame Me
130 Snidero, Jim Standards + Plus
131 Armacost, Tim Live At Smalls
132 Gertz, Bruce & Ken Cervenka Shut Wide Open
133 Pickens, Harry Live At Stem Concert Hall
134 Marr, Hank Hank & Frank
135 LeDonne, Mike To Each His Own
136 Gordon, Jon Currents
137 Ries, Barry Solitude In The Crowd
138 Roccisano, Joe Nonet
139 Werner, Kenny Unprotected Music
140 Norrbotten Big Band Future North
141 Cutting Edge, The Cutting Edge, The
142 Bergonzi, Jerry Lost In The Shuffle
143 Barth, Bruce Hope Springs Eternal
144 Michelin, Nando Art
145 Israel, Yoron Chicago
146 Pickens, Harry Passionate Ballads
147 Keller, Gary Blues For An Old New Age
148 Smith, Steve Chantal's Way
149 Breakstone, Joshua This Just In…
150 Cohen, Tom Diggin' In/Diggin' Out
151 Santoro, Dave Standards Band
152 Snidero, Jim Music Of Joe Henderson, The
153 LeDonne, Mike Then & Now
154 Liebman, Dave Monk's Mood
155 Gertz, Bruce Red Handed
156 Gordon, Jon Things We Need, The
157 Galper, Hal Let's Call This That
158 Reid, Rufus & Michael Moore Intimacy Of The Bass, The
159 Muldrow, Ronald Freedom's Serenade
160 D'Angelo, Dave In A Minute
161 Hilgenberg, Matt Rasa
162 Azzolina, Jay Past Tense
163 Armacost, Tim Wishing Well, The
164 Wedholt, Scott What Goes Unsaid
165 Santoro, Dave Standards Band II
166 Caswell, Sara First Song
167 Sneider, John Panorama
168 Barth, Bruce Somehow It's True
169 Michelin, Nando Chants - A Candomble Experience
170 Uotila, Jukkis Hunters And Gatherers
171 Gordon, Jon Possibilities
172 Breakstone, Joshua Music Of Bud Powell, The
173 Bergonzi, Jerry Wiggy
174 Lossing, Russ Dreamer
175 Wall, Dan On The Inside Looking In
176 D'Earth, John Restoration Comedy
177 Braden, Don Presents The Contemporary Standards Ensemble
178 Wuepper, Craig Returnsman, The
179 Bergeron, Chuck Cause And Effect
180 Hazilla, Jon Tiny Capers
181 Sussman, Richard Free Fall
182 LeDonne, Mike Bags' Groove - A Tribute To Milt Jackson
183 Santoro, Dave New Standard, The
184 Bergonzi, Jerry Different Look, A
185 Gordon, Jon & Bill Charlap Contrasts
186 Werner, Kenny Form And Fantasy
187 Walter, J. D. & Dave Liebman Clear Day
188 Michelin, Nando Brazilian Project
189 Blenzig, Charles It's About Time
190 Bergonzi, Jerry Live Gonz!
191 Simerly, Rick Obscurity
192 Michelin, Nando Einstein's Dreams

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