Contemporary Records Listing - Part II

compiled by Michael Fitzgerald
September 1997 - August 16, 1998

This is not a catalog. This is a discographical tool for researchers. I have no idea how to obtain these records.

Thanks to contributors:

Wellington Choy <>
Jim Harrod <>
Chuck Nessa <>
Mori Shima
François Ziegler <>

Classical 10" Lp Series

2002Vincent, JohnQuartet No. 1 In G

10" Lp Series

2501Lighthouse All-Stars Sunday Jazz A La Lighthouse
2502Renaud, HenriModern Sounds: France
2503Manne, ShellyAnd His Men 1
2504Gillespie, Dizzy Dizzy In Paris
2505Gullin, LarsModern Sounds: Sweden
2506Lighthouse All-Stars Volume 3
2507Williams, Mary Lou Piano '53
2508Kessel, BarneyBarney Kessel, Volume 1
2510Lighthouse All-Stars Volume 4
2511Manne, ShellyAnd His Men, Volume 2 (New Works)
2512Solal, MartialModern Sounds: France/Piano
2513Niehaus, LennieQuintet, The
2514Kessel, BarneyBarney Kessel, Volume 2 (Plays Standards)
2515Lighthouse All-Stars Volume 5
2516Manne, ShellyThree, The
2517Niehaus, LennieOctet, The
2518Manne, Shelly & Russ Freeman Shelly Manne And Russ Freeman

EP Series (45 rpm) - Single EPs

4001Manne, ShellyAnd His Men 1
4002Lighthouse All-Stars Volume 1
4003Lighthouse All-Stars Volume 2
4004Lighthouse All-Stars Volume 3
4005Lighthouse All-Stars Volume 4
4006Lighthouse All-Stars Volume 5
4007Manne, ShellyAnd His Men 2
4008Lighthouse All-Stars Volume 6
4009Kessel, BarneyVolume 2A
4010Kessel, BarneyVolume 2B
4011Gillespie, Dizzy Dizzy In Paris
4012Lighthouse All-Stars In The Solo Spotlight
4013Niehaus, LennieQuintet, The 1A
4014Niehaus, LennieQuintet, The 1B
4015Lighthouse All-Stars Volume 6A
4016Niehaus, LennieOctet, The 2A
4017Niehaus, LennieOctet, The 2B
4018Hawes, HamptonTrio 1A
4019Hawes, HamptonTrio 1B

EP Series (45 rpm) - Double EPs

2-08Kessel, BarneyBarney Kessel
2-09Manne, ShellyVolume 2
2-010Lighthouse All-Stars Volume 4

Popular 12" Lp Series

5001Henke, Mel Dig Mel Henke
5002Austin, Claire When YourLover Has Gone
5003Henke, Mel Now Spin This!
5004?9004Romero, Pepe ¡Flamenco Fenomeno!
50059005Feldman, Victor Latinsville!
50069006Manne, Shelly & Jack Marshall Sounds Unheard Of

An issue of Art Pepper With Warne Marsh as 9001 is an anomaly. Chuck Nessa says:

"The first issue of any of the Pepper/Marsh material was The Way It Was. I spoke to Lester Koenig, Art Pepper and Warne Marsh about this date. In 1986 Ed Michel prepared a limited edition Complete Contemporary Art Pepper for JVC in Japan. This was issued as a box, and single discs. The Pepper/Marsh disc had all seven titles and three alternates from this date. The JVC CD is VDJ-1577. The French CD [French Carrère 98.646] is a reissue of the JVC. The JVC booklet cover shows S-9001, but the logo/typography is of a later design (1970's) than the known issued 9000's (9004, 9005 & 9006)."

Composers 12" Series

(All in stereo on Stereo label with different catalog numbers.)

6001Rubin, Previn, Smith, Amati Quartet [Works of William O. Smith]
6002Westwood Quartet [Works of Ernst Toch]
6003California Quartet/Walden Quartet [Works of Andrew W. Imbrie]
6004Roth Quartet, Gassman, Duke [Works of Vernon Duke]

Lp/CD Series

14001Cables, GeorgeCables' Vision
14002Farrell, JoeSonic Text
14003Garson, MikeAvant Garson
14004Montoliu, TeteLunch In L.A.
14005Freeman, ChicoPeaceful Heart, Gentle Spirit
14006Henderson, JoeRelaxin' At Camarillo
14007Hoggard, JayRain Forest
14008Freeman, ChicoDestiny's Dance
14009Hutcherson, Bobby Solo/Quartet
14010Erskine, PeterPeter Erskine
14011Perkins, BillJourney To The East
14012Shank, BudCalifornia Concert
14013Morgan, FrankEasy Living
14014Cables, GeorgePhantom Of The City
14015Cables, GeorgeCircle
14016Rowles, JimmyWith The Red Mitchell Trio
14017Cooper, Bob & Snooky Young In A Mellotone
14018Manne, ShellyIn Zurich
14019Shank, BudThat Old Feeling
14020Jazztet, TheBack To The City
14021Morgan, FrankLament
14022Gibbs, TerryLatin Connection, The
14023Connor, ChrisClassic
14024Higgins, BillyBridgework
14025Breakstone, Joshua Echoes
14026Morgan, FrankBebop Lives
14027Shank, BudAt Jazz Alley
14028Hughes, LutherAnd Cahoots
14029Farmer, ArtSomething To Live For
14030Cables, GeorgeBy George
14031Shank, BudSerious Swingers
14032Rowles, JimmyI'm Glad There Is You
14033Kessel, BarneySpontaneous Combustion
14034Jazztet, TheReal Time
14035Morgan, Frank & George Cables Double Image
14036Gibbs, Terry & Buddy DeFranco Chicago Fire
14037Robert, George & Tom Harrell Sun Dance
14038Connor, ChrisNew Again
14039Morgan, Frank & McCoy Tyner Major Changes
14040Breakstone, Joshua Evening Star
14041Campbell, Kerry Phoenix Rising
14042Farmer, ArtBlame It On My Youth
14043Harrell, TomStories
14044Kessel, BarneyRed Hot & Blue
14045Morgan, FrankYardbird Suite
14046Kral, Jackie & Roy Full Circle
14047Gibbs, Terry & Buddy DeFranco Holiday For Swing
14048Shank, BudTomorrow's Rainbow
14049Sloane, CarolLove You Madly
14050Breakstone, Joshua Self-Portrait In Swing
14051Rumsey, HowardJazz Invention
14052Morgan, FrankReflections
14053Campbell, JohnAfter Hours
14054Harrell, TomSail Away
14055Farmer, ArtPh.D.
14056Gibbs, Terry & Buddy DeFranco Air Mail Special
14057Farmer, Art & Frank Morgan Central Avenue Reunion
14058Burrell, KennyGuiding Spirit
14059Harrell, TomForm
14060Sloane, CarolReal Thing, The
14061Campbell, JohnTurning Point
14062Breakstone, Joshua 9 By 3
14063Harrell, TomVisions
14064Morgan, Frank & Bud Shank Quiet Fire
14065Burrell, KennySunup To Sundown
14066Gibbs, TerryMemories Of You
14067Gibbs, TerryKings Of Swing
14068Vinnegar, Leroy Walking The Basses
14069Romero, C & C Spanish Guitar Music
14070Romero, Pepe¡Flamenco Fenomeno!
14071Humes, Helen'Deed I Do
14072Hawes, HamptonSomething Special 6/10/76
14073Freeman, ChicoFocus
14074Edwards, TeddyBack To Avalon
14075Mustafa, Melton Boiling Point
14076Orta, MichaelFreedom Tower
14077Rumsey, HowardMexican Passport
14078Myers, TerrySoul Mates
14079Ross, BillyWoody
14080Allison, Eric Mean Streets Beat
14081Points, DennisImages
14082Jones, JesseSoul Serenade
14083Marcus, BillyHamp
14084Morgan, LannyPacific Standard
14085Mustafa, Melton St. Louis Blues
14086Pepper, ArtSan Francisco Samba
14087Ranier, TomIn The Still Of The Night
14088Allison, EricAfter Hours

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