Argo/Cadet Records Listing

compiled by Michael Fitzgerald
September 1997-May 14, 1999

This is not a catalog. This is a discographical tool for researchers. I have no idea how to obtain these records.

Thanks to contributors:

Brian W. Burgess <>
Michel Ruppli
François Ziegler <>

Argo601Hibbler, Al Melodies By Al Hibbler
Argo602Jamal, Ahmad Chamber Music Of The New Jazz
Argo603Moody, James Flute 'n The Blues
Argo604Winters, Pinky Lonely One
Argo605Lane, Dick Quartet
Argo606Mole, Miff/Cy Touff Doorway To Dixie
Argo607Simmons, Norman Trio
Argo608Sims, Zoot Zoot
Argo609Various Artists Chicago Scene
Argo610Jamal, Ahmad Count 'Em 88
Argo611Lewis, Ramsey And His Gentlemen Of Swing
Argo612Young, John Young John Young
Argo613Moody, James Moody's Mood For Love
Argo614Jackson, Chubby Chubby's Back
Argo615Lane, Dick Quartet
Argo616Roble, Chet Chet Chats
Argo617Seymour?? Seymour And His Heartbeat Trumpet
Argo618Russ, Al Many Moods
Argo619Melavano?? My Memories
Argo620Terry, Clark Out On A Limb
Argo621MJT Plus 3 MJT Plus 3
Argo622Jazz Exponents, The Jazz Exponents, The
Argo623Roach, Max Max
Argo624Griffin, Johnny J.G., Tenor
Argo625Jackson, Chubby I'm Entitled To You
Argo626Gonsalves, Paul Cookin'
Argo627Lewis, Ramsey And The Gentlemen Of Jazz
Argo628Jamal, Ahmad But Not For Me
Argo629Stitt, Sonny Sonny Stitt
Argo630Woode, Jimmy Colorful Strings
Argo631Price, Vito Swingin' The Loop
Argo632Bonnier, Bess Theme For The Tall One
Argo633Heard, J.C. This Is Me, J.C. Heard
Argo634Lateef, Yusef Lateef At Cranbrook
Argo635Sharon, Ralph 2:38 AM
Argo636Jamal, Ahmad Ahmad Jamal
Argo637Moody, James Last Train From Overbrook
Argo638Jamal, Ahmad Portfolio Of Ahmad Jamal (2-Lp)
Argo639Mosse, Sandy Relaxin' With Sandy Mosse
Argo640McPartland, Marian At The London House
Argo641Touff, Cy Touff Assignment
Argo642Winchester, Lem And The Ramsey Lewis Trio
Argo643Red Rodney Returns
Argo644Harris, Barry Breakin' It Up
Argo645Lewis, Ramsey Hour With The Ramsey Lewis Trio, An
Argo646Jamal, Ahmad At The Penthouse
Argo647Green, Will [NEVER ISSUED]
Argo648Moody, James James Moody
Argo649Various Artists Remember The Oldies
Argo650Taylor, Billy Taylor Made Jazz
Argo651Giovannini, Caesar Holiday On The Riviera
Argo652Stover, Smokey Original Firemen
Argo653Grey, Al Last Of The Big Plungers, The
Argo654McGarity, Lou Big Eight
Argo655Burrell, Kenny Night At The Vanguard, A
Argo656Various Artists Fanfare Of Hits
Argo657Pilhofer, Herb Jazz
Argo658Evans, Richard Richard's Almanac
Argo659Metropolitan Jazz Octet Legend Of Bix, The
Argo660Buckner, Milt Mighty High
Argo661Stitt, Sonny Burnin'
Argo662Jamal, Ahmad Happy Moods
Argo663Alexandria, Lorez Early In The Morning
Argo664Jazztet Meet The Jazztet
Argo665Lewis, Ramsey Stretching Out
Argo666Moody, James Hey! It's James Moody
Argo667Jamal, Ahmad At The Pershing 2
Argo668Bailey, Benny & Ake Persson & Joe Harris Golden Touch, The (Music Of Quincy Jones)
Argo669Kirk, Roland Introducing
Argo670Buckner, Milt Please, Mr. Organ Player
Argo671Lewis, Ramsey In Chicago
Argo672Jazztet Big City Sounds
Argo673Jamal, Ahmad Listen To The Ahmad Jamal Quintet
Argo674Stover, Smokey Jubilee
Argo675Evans, Richard Home Cookin'
Argo676Rich, Buddy Playtime
Argo677Grey, Al Thinking Man's Trombone, The
Argo678Farmer, Art Art
Argo679Moody, James Moody With Strings
Argo680Lewis, Ramsey More Music From The Soil
Argo681Golson, Benny Take A Number From 1 To 10
Argo682Alexandria, Lorez Sing No Sad Songs For Me
Argo683Stitt, Sonny At The D.J. Lounge
Argo684Jazztet Jazztet And John Lewis, The
Argo685Jamal, Ahmad Ahmad Jamal's Alhambra
Argo686Lewis, Ramsey Never On A Sunday
Argo687Lewis, Ramsey Sounds Of Christmas
Argo688Jazztet At The Birdhouse
Argo689Grey, Al & Billy Mitchell Sextet
Argo690Ashby, Dorothy Dorothy Ashby
Argo691Jamal, Ahmad All Of You
Argo692Young, John Themes And Things
Argo693Lewis, Ramsey Sound Of Spring
Argo694Alexandria, Lorez Deep Roots
Argo695Moody, James Another Bag
Argo696Hold, Red Look Out! Look Out!
Argo697Ammons, Gene & Sonny Stitt Dig Him!
Argo698Ammons, Gene Just Jug
Argo699Young, Eldee And Company
Argo700Grey, Al Snap Your Fingers
Argo701Lewis, Ramsey Country Meets The Blues
Argo702Buckner, Milt Mighty Mood
Argo703Jamal, Ahmad At The Blackhawk
Argo704Schwartz, Thornel Soul Cookin'
Argo705Lewis, Ramsey Bossa Nova
Argo706Mainieri, Mike Blues On The Other Side
Argo707Shaw, Gene Breakthrough!
Argo708Goldie, Don Trumpet Caliente
Argo709Stitt, Sonny Rearin' Back
Argo710Leslie, Bill Diggin' The Chicks
Argo711Grey, Al & Billy Mitchell Night Song
Argo712Jamal, Ahmad Macanudo
Argo713Young, John Touch Of Pepper, A
Argo714Lazar, John Soul Merchant
Argo715Lewis, Ramsey Pot Luck
Argo716Golson, Benny Free
Argo717Foster, Frank Basie Is Our Boss
Argo718Grey, Al Having A Ball
Argo719Jamal, Ahmad Poinciana
Argo720Alexandria, Lorez For Swingers Only
Argo721Johnson, Budd French Cookin'
Argo722Jacquet, Illinois Message, The
Argo723Lewis, Ramsey Barefoot Sunday Blues
Argo724Donaldson, Lou Signifyin'
Argo725Moody, James Great Day
Argo726Shaw, Gene Debut In Blues
Argo727Foster, Herman Ready And Willing
Argo728Jones, Hank Here's Love
Argo729Grissom, Jimmy World Of Trouble
Argo730Stitt, Sonny Move On Over
Argo731Grey, Al Boss Bone
Argo732Lewis, Ramsey Bach To The Blues
Argo733Jamal, Ahmad Naked City Theme
Argo734Donaldson, Lou Possum Head
Argo735Jacquet, Illinois Desert Winds
Argo736Johnson, Budd Ya! Ya!
Argo737Nelson, Oliver Fantabulous
Argo738Farmer, Art Perception
Argo739Willette, Baby Face Mo' Rock
Argo740Moody, James Comin' On Strong
Argo741Lewis, Ramsey At The Bohemian Caverns
Argo742Shihab, Sahib Summer Dawn
Argo743Shaw, Gene Carnival Sketches
Argo744Stitt, Sonny & Benny Green My Main Man
Cadet745Lewis, Ramsey More Sounds Of Christmas
Argo746Jacquet, Illinois Bosses Of The Ballad
Cadet747Donaldson, Lou Cole Slaw
Argo748Johnson, Budd Off The Wall
Cadet749Willette, Baby Face Behind The 8 Ball
Cadet750Lewis, Ramsey & Jean DuShon You Better Believe Me
Argo751Jamal, Ahmad Roar Of The Greasepaint, The
Cadet752Ofverman, Rune With Voices Cool
Cadet753Green, Bunky Testifyin' Time
Cadet754Jacquet, Illinois Spectrum
Cadet755Lewis, Ramsey Choice
Cadet756Moody, James Cookin' The Blues
Cadet757Lewis, Ramsey In Crowd, The
Cadet758Jamal, Ahmad Extensions
Cadet759Donaldson, Lou Musty Rusty
Cadet760Stitt, Sonny & Zoot Sims Inter-Action
Cadet761Lewis, Ramsey Hang On Ramsey!
Cadet762Interpreters, The Knack, The
Cadet763Jackson, Willis Smoking With Willis
Cadet764Jamal, Ahmad Rhapsody
Cadet765Cox, Sonny Wailer, The
Cadet766Green, Bunky Playin' For Keeps
Cadet767Bryant, Ray Gotta Travel On
Cadet768Donaldson, Lou Rough House Blues
Cadet769Burrell, Kenny Man At Work
Cadet770Stitt, Sonny & Bunky Green Soul In The Night
Cadet771Lewis, Ramsey Swingin'
Cadet772Burrell, Kenny Tender Gender, The
Cadet773Jacquet, Illinois Go Power!
Cadet774Lewis, Ramsey Wade In The Water
Cadet775Brown, Odell Raising The Roof
Cadet776Soulful Strings, The Paint It Black
Cadet777Jamal, Ahmad Heat Wave
Cadet778Bryant, Ray Lonesome Traveler
Cadet779Burrell, Kenny Have Yourself A Soulful Little Christmas
Cadet780Green, Bunky Latinization Of Bunky Green, The
Cadet781Bryant, Ray Slow Freight
Cadet782Lewis, Ramsey Movie Album, The
Cadet783Ammons, Gene Makes It Happen
Cadet784Various Artists Mood To Be Wooed
Cadet785Ammons, Gene & Sonny Stitt Jug And Sonny
Cadet786Jamal, Ahmad Standard Eyes
Cadet787Patterson, Don Goin' Down Home
Cadet788Brown, Odell Mellow Yellow
Cadet789Donaldson, Lou Blowin' In The Wind
Cadet790Lewis, Ramsey Goin' Latin
Cadet791Young, Eldee & Red Holt Feature Spot
Cadet792Jamal, Ahmad Cry Young
Cadet793Bryant, Ray Ray Bryant Touch, The
Cadet794Lewis, Ramsey Dancing In The Street
Cadet795Bryant, Bobby Ain't Doing Too B-A-D
Cadet796Soulful Strings, The Groovin'
Cadet797Klemmer, John Involvement
Cadet798Burrell, Kenny Ode To 52nd Street
Cadet799Lewis, Ramsey Up Pops
Cadet800Brown, Odell Ducky
Cadet801Bryant, Ray Take A Bryant Step
Cadet802James, Etta Tell Mama
Cadet803Shaw, Marlena Out Of Different Bags
Cadet804Dells, The There Is
Cadet805Soulful Strings, The Another Exposure
Cadet806D'rone, Frank Brand New Morning
Cadet807Jamal, Ahmad Bright, The Blue And The Beautiful, The
Cadet808Klemmer, John And We Were Lovers
Cadet809Ashby, Dorothy Afro-Harping
Cadet810Bradford, Clea Her Point Of View
Cadet811Lewis, Ramsey Maiden Voyage
Cadet812McDuff, Jack Natural Thing, The
Cadet813Land, Harold Peace-Maker, The
Cadet814Soulful Strings, The Magic Of Christmas, The
Cadet815Donaldson, Lou At His Best
Cadet816Lateef, Yusef At Cranbrook
Cadet817McDuff, Jack Getting Our Thing Together
Cadet818Bryant, Ray Up Above the Rock
Cadet819Herman, Woody Light My Fire
Cadet820Soulful Strings, The In Concert
Cadet821Lewis, Ramsey Mother Nature's Son
Cadet822Dells, The Always Together
Cadet823Brown, Odell Plays Otis Redding
Cadet824Dells, The Greatest Hits
Cadet825Ashby, Dorothy Dorothy's Harp
Cadet826Upchurch, Phil Upchurch
Cadet827Lewis, Ramsey Another Voyage
Cadet828Fisher, Eddie Third Cup, The
Cadet829Dells, The Love Is Blue
Cadet830Bryant, Ray Sound Ray
Cadet831McDuff, Jack Gin & Orange
Cadet832James, Etta Funk
Cadet833Shaw, Marlena Spice Of Life, The
Cadet834Soulful Strings, The String Fever
Cadet835Herman, Woody Heavy Exposure
Cadet836Lewis, Ramsey Piano Player, The
Cadet837Dells, The Like It Is, Like It Was
Cadet838Brown, Odell Free Delivery
Cadet839Lewis, Ramsey Best Of
Cadet840Upchurch, Phil Way I Feel, The
Cadet841Ashby, Dorothy Rubaiyat Of Dorothy Ashby, The
Cadet842Donaldson, Lou Fried Buzzard
Cadet843 Shades Of Brown
Cadet844Lewis, Ramsey Them Changes
Cadet845Herman, Woody Woody
Cadet846Soulful Strings, The Play Gamble And Huff
Cadet847James, Etta Losers Weepers
Cadet848Fisher, Eddie Next Hundred Years, The

After changing from Argo to Cadet in the early 1960's, releases originally on the Argo label were reissued on the Cadet label.

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