Antilles Records Listing

compiled by Francois Ziegler & Michael Fitzgerald
October 26, 1997-June 13, 1999

Thanks to contributors:

1001Brackeen, Joanne Special Identity1981
1002Lagrene, BireliRoutes To Django 1980
1003Heath Brothers, The Brotherly Love1981
1004Sidran, BenOld Songs For The New Depression 1981
1005Braxton, Anthony Six Compositions: Quartet1981
1006Woods, PhilBirds Of A Feather 1981
1007Air80 Degrees Below '82 1982
1008Jackson, Ronald Shannon Mandance1982
1009Lagrene, Bireli15 1982
1010Evans, GilPriestess 1977
1011ZaharaFlight Of The Spirit c. 1982
1012Sidran, BenBop City 1983
1013Woods, PhilAt The Vanguard 1982
1014Swinggrass '83Swinggrass '83 1982
1015Jackson, Ronald Shannon Barbeque Dog1983
1016Heath Brothers, The Brothers And Others1983
1017ElementsElements 1982
1018Khan, SteveEyewitness 1981
1020Khan, SteveCasa Loco 1983
1021ElementsForward Motion 1983
2001Coleman, Ornette Of Human Feelings1979
7005Winwood, Steve & Remi Kabaka Aiye-Ketac. 1973
7034Cherry, DonEternal Now 1973
7035Dyani, Johnny 1972
8701Vasconcelos, Nana Bush Dance1986

The year for 1021 needs confirmation - Bruyninckx says May 6 & 7, 1983 but I've seen 1984 and even 1985 in other sources.

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