Jazz Magazine (1976-1980)

Jazz Magazine was a short-lived but very high quality publication that existed during the latter half of the 1970's, ceasing publication in 1980. While its only real domestic competitor was Down Beat, that magazine had moved into other areas of popular music and had generally lowered its standards. While the fledgling periodical was run on a shoestring budget, it did manage to present many excellent articles, interviews and photographs. Due to the time in which it existed and its less-than-global distribution, it is often overlooked as a significant source of valuable information.

The annotated index that I have compiled is designed to show the content of this magazine and to serve as a bibliographic tool for researchers. It is in four parts, one for each of the four volumes of the magazine:

Volume One

(Nos. 1-4)

Volume Two

(Nos. 1-4)

Volume Three

(Nos. 1-4)

Volume Four

(Nos. 1-2)

I hope to publish selected articles from Jazz Magazine on the WWW in the future. Those interested in a possible print anthology of "The Best of Jazz Magazine" should contact me. I am also interested in hearing from readers and contributors so as to give a more realistic and objective view of this periodical.

Special thanks to Tom Stites (editor and publisher) and Peter Keepnews (contributing editor/managing editor) for their encouragement and support of this project.

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