Entering Performers of the Session

The Performers tab allows for the entry of all performers that participated in a session. Select the Performers tab in the Sessions window.

Aboe the Performers tab there is a listbox of all the performances for the session. In the Performers tab are two boxes side-by-side separated by a row of buttons. The box on the left will be used to list all personnel for the session. The box on the right is used to list all personnel for the performance that is selected in the performance list above.

Performers are added to each performance individually. It is not required that a performer be on all the performances. As a performer is added to a performance, he is also added to the session automatically. If a musician performs with two or more instruments during a performance or session, he must be added for each instrument performed.


Performers are added by placing their names in the Person field. The Person field is a lookup field so names are placed there by typing in the first significant characters of the last name of the person as shown in the picture below. As characters are typed the list to the right is updated with names that match. In the picture below, the leader and alto player for the session, Gigi Gryce, is being added.


By clicking on the name Gigi Gryce in the selection to the right of the Person field, that will cause it to be filled in to the Person field. Once that is done, use the intrument popup menu to select an instrument that Gryce is using during the session. In this case, Leader (ldr), is selected. (Not an instrument, but in this case the role he plays for the session. Arranger, Producer, et. al. are considered intruments for this purpose.)


Click the Add button to the left of the personnel selection list to add Gigi Gryce as a leader to the performance of Blues In Bloom and to the session overall. If the Add To All checkbox is clicked, then Gigi Gryce will be added to all performances as the leader. You may ask why this is not the case whether or not the box is checked, but many times personnel are not on all the performances of the session. This box gives the discographer the option depending on the situation. Even if the person is not on all, but on most of the performances, it may be advantageous to click the Add To All box and remove the person from performances rather than to add him individually to each session.


While Gigi Gryce's name is still in the Person field, use the intrument popup menu to select alto sax and then as Gryce as the alto player for the tune.


Continue in this manner for all the performers on the session. The window will look as below.