Entering the Session Record

All the song, composer, personnel and label information needed to create the session record for Rat Race Blues is now in the database. To create the session record open the Session window by selecting the Sessions item from the Windows menu. If this is the first session created on the database, the window will open with all the fields blank and only the New button active as shown in the image below. If there are already sessions on the database, BRIAN will automatically fill in the data for the earliest session record on the database.

BRIAN Sessions window

The above image shows the full session window including the performance listbox and the panel for entering performances. For the purpose of entering the session record, only the top third of the window is used so for all the subsequent screen shots for this section, we will only show that portion of the window.

Press the New button to clear the fields and set the window for data entry as shown below.


The date field is a required entry on the Sessions window. All other fields are optional. Notice that the date field divides into 3 separate fields for entering year, month, and day.

The Circa. check box is used to indicate that the date is approximate. The Text Date field is used if a non-standard date format is needed such as, "Early June" or "First week of June." If the Text Date is used, it will show up on reports in place of the standard date. Using the Text Date still requires the entry of the standard date because that date will be used for sorting the sessions in chronological order.

The Venue is the Van Gelder Studio and the City is Engelwood Cliffs, NJ. The Type popup menu is used to select the type of session. The window defaults to Studio.

The Label field is a lookup field. Although the field will accept typed characters, it will not save the characters typed in the field, but rather, it will use those typed characters to lookup a label that has already been entered via the Labels window. For this session, the label is Prestige. As shown in the window below, the letters typed in are "pre" to find a session that begins with those letters. Select Prestige from the dropdown list and it will be filled in the Label field.


Now press the Save button to save the session data to the database. After the Save button is pressed, the window will look as shown below.


Now we are ready to add performances to the session. Press the Performances tab on the Sessions window to display the Performances information fields on the Sessions window. This tab is probably already displayed as it is the default tab when opening the window.

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