Entering Personnel

Select the Personnel item from the Windows menu to open the Personnel window. As with other windows, the first personnel record on the database is automatically filled in when the window is opened — in this case the combo, 3 much fun.


It may be desirable to check to see if a name is already on the database. The Last Name field on the Personnel window is a lookup field. By entering the the first significant characters of the last name or the full last name and part or all of the first name, in the Last Name field and pressing the tab key, it will ask BRIAN to do a lookup for than name on the database. If the last name of the person is uncommon, just part of the last name will be sufficient for the lookup. Otherwise, all of the last name and at least part of the first is recommended.

The pictures below show the difference in typing in just the last name and the last name plus part of the first. Notice in the screen shot below after typing in just the last name, there are several names to choose from in the dropdown list. At this point, pressing tab would automatically select the first name in the list.


After typing a space and the first initial of the first name, the list is narrowed down considerably.


Typing another letter, "i", will bring the name we are looking for to the top of the list.


Pressing the tab key and BRIAN will return the first name found in the list, or click on any name in the list to return that name.


In the case where you don't find a match for the name you want, press the New button to clear the window fields and ready the window for input as shown below.


In this case we already know that all the personnel needed to enter the Rat Race Blues sesion are in the database, so for the sake of the tutorial we'll enter a name not in the database, Steve Albin. It's obvious what to type in the First Name and Last Name fields. The Skill field is used to qualify the person in the data base by identifying him or her by the instrument played by that person. All name entries must be unique. We use the Skill field to enter the abbreviation for alto sax (as) and distinguish the alto sax playing Steve Albin from another Steve Albin playing another instrument. The choice used for the skill field does not need to be comprehensive since it will never be used on any output reports. This is important in the case where a person is identified with different skills as in the case of a trumpet player that also sings. The important thing is to use an instrument that will help you distinguish between two people that have the same name. The picture below demonstrates how to use the intrument popup to choose s skill for the person. Alternatively, the instrument abbreviation can be typed into the field directly to save the time of scrolling through the popup list.


The picture below is what the window will look like after pressing the Save button.


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