Entering Labels

Entering labels is much like entering new song or personnel names. First open the Labels window by selecting the Labels item from the Windows menu. The first label record on the database is automatically filled in when the window is opened — in this case, 1201 Music.


The Labels window has two fields: one for the label name and the other for the country of origin. At this time, the country of origin field is not used in BRIAN but there are plans in the works to include that field in the reports. The field can be entered now in anticipation of that feature.

The Rat Race Blues session we will be entering in this tutorial was recorded for Prestige. For the purposes of the tutorial, we need to insure that it is on the database and if not, enter it. To look for the Prestige label we only need to type the beginning of the label name into the label field as shown in the picture below. Examining the dropdown label list, we can see that the label we need is on the database. Select Prestige from the list and it will display in the window.


If Prestige did not appear in the list, we would need to add it (in the same way song and personnel names are added) before the session record for Rat Race Blues can be entered.


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