Working With Instruments

The Instruments window is used to add and edit intruments and abbreviations used for BRIAN. These instruments and abbreviations have been seen on the popup menus of the Sessions and Personnel windows. The abbreviations are seen in reports generated by BRIAN.

If you are using the starter database availble on the Jazz Discography web site, then instruments are preloaded for you. But, you may want to add or edit instruments.

To open the Instrument window, select Instruments from the Windows menu. The picture below show the Instruments window as it is first opened.

Ax 1

Press the New button to add an instrument to the database.

Ax 2

Type the instrument name in the Instrument field and the abbreviation in the Abbrev. field. The abbreviation can be any 3 letter combination. The abbreviation must be unique to other instrument abbreviations on the database. BRIAN will issue an error warning if you try to save a duplicate abbreviation and stop the save. Press the Save button to, as shown below to save the new entry.

The picture below right shows the window after the Save has been completed.

Ax 3 Ax 4

The order of instruments in the list affects the order in which sidemen appear in the reports. Sidemen are always shown with the instrument they play and the order is by instrument. To change the instrument order, drag and drop the instrument entries to the appropriate place in the list.

Ax 5 Ax 6

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