BRIAN Release Notes

Change Description Version
Replaced software version checker with new product that will allow BRIAN to update in place. 9.14
Fixed problem with display of reports. Users with system settings to display dates as yyyy-mm-dd would get errors displaying the session date in reports. 9.13
Fixed problem where check for latest version was connecting with website. This was due to a move to a new server for The new server did not support the TCP protocol I was using. 9.13
Fixed problem with personnel index where last personnel entry on the list was not getting added to the report. 9.13
Fixed problem where check of using a session type was failing when attempting to delete the session type in the prefs window. 9.13
Modified Issue Filter on Issues window so that selecting Issue Artist radio button will display only issues where the selected artist is the issue artist for the issue. 9.12
Modified Preferences window so any changes are automatically saved as the changes are made. The Save and Reset buttons are removed. 9.12
Added feature in session reports to link to track lists for issues. See new documentation page for how this works. See example of this new feature. 9.12
Enhanced preferences to allow storing of the report folder location so that it will not be required to set it every time BRIAN is run. See Preference page of documentation for how this works. 9.12
Fixed problem with display of track count and total track timing on the Issues window. 9.12
Fixed bug with display of All Titles that can occur when a performance is on the same issue twice. 9.12
Fix bug in 9.11 release where issue will show twice for a performance if it appears twice on the issue. 9.12
Fixed nilObjectException that was occurring sporadically when generating session reports. This is a complete rewrite of the issue formatting code. 9.11
Fixed bug where some issues were not displaying in session reports if the Common Issues option of All Perfs was selected. 9.11
Cleaned up date handling on Issues and Reports Notes windows to respect European date format. 9.10
Cleaned up field handling on Issues window to prevent fields from getting focus when not in edit mode. 9.10
Updated the Preferences window to allow turning off upgrade notices. 9.10
Fixed problem of Person field on Sessions window getting hidden when displayed on monitors that do not allow the full height of the window. 9.10
Fixed problem where autocomplete fields for City and Venue on Sessions window were not responding to mouse clicks. 9.9
Bug fixes for problems introduced in version 9.7. 9.8
Reports window template for Personnel Index is changed to allow showing arranger as option. If you are already using this report, the arranger flag is unchecked. If you want to show arrangers, you will need to update the template to allow that. 9.7
Personnel Index Report is changed to NOT list arrangers in report. 9.7
Track order is now retained when importing tracks from one issue to another. 9.7
BRIAN now deletes the corresponding soloist record if the performer is deleted from the performance. 9.6
BRIAN now prevents deletion of a personnel record if a soloist record exists for that artist. 9.6
Changed performance list on Issues window to allow resizing of the timing and perfref columns. 9.6
Changed timing column of performance list on Session window to right justify timings. 9.6
Fixed problem with version checking returning a bogus update. 9.6
Added performance reference to list of performances for solo of an artist. 9.6
Added feature to File->Display menu to allow display of all sessions associated with issues selected in the issue list on the Issue window. 9.5
Fixed bug where solos from previous viewed session was being displayed for current session when switching session view. 9.5
Fixed bug where solos were not getting assigned the proper session ptr when created. 9.5
Fixed bug where solos were not getting moved with performance when performance is moved to another session. 9.5
Fixed bug where removed VIAF numbers were causing exceptions when saved. 9.5
Fixed bug on importing sessions where seconds for a performance was getting entered as hours. 9.5
Added CSS class onHand to session report so that on hand issues can be formatted accordingly. Using the standard configuaration, on hand issue titles will be bold. 9.4
Reworked feature to export single artist from database to fix bug where solo details caused a crash, make it more robust, and give more instructions on the window. 9.4
Changed list of solos for artist to use text date if available. 9.4
Changed list of solos for artist to include take type and sort by performance id 9.4
Fixed performance reordering bug occurring when a performance is moved to a different session. This bug was causing an exception in reporting. 9.4
Added list to display solos by artist. 9.4
Added css for performance reference ids in solos list so they will be italicized like personnel exceptions. 9.4
Added checkbox to Reports window to indicate the report is for WordPress. These reports can be used with the Include Me WordPress plugin. 9.4
Fixed static CSS included in html reports and the Display window reports. 9.4
Updated Sessions Help window help to have correct procedure for moving performances. Also added link to Sessions window page on JazzDiscography website. 9.4
Added html to session and issue reports so that tracks can be linked back to sessions. These require manual editing of the output reports to activate. 9.4
Improved visual cues when dragging rows in list boxes. The content of the rows will display as the dragging is done. 9.3
Fixed bug where report template descriptions were not displaying in the template list on the Reports window. 9.3
Moving performances from performance list in Sessions window to sessions list in Session window has been deprecated. Moving a performance is now done using a performance list generated via the List menu. 9.3
Added support for Windows forward delete key in all places where delete key is used. 9.3
Renamed Clone window to Dump/Reload. Added cancel button to allow bailing before dump/reload begins. 9.3
Fixed error on Windows platform when dragging personnel from collective personnel list to add them to performance. 9.2
Fixed crash that would occur if header is pressed to sort performance personnel list. 9.1
Fixed problem with Issues window where old buttons were showing under the issues list if the window was elongated vertically. 9.1
Many cosmetic fixes for window displays, especially in Windows. 9.1
Upgraded to latest version of Valentina database software. 9.0
New tab on Sessions window to enter solo information for performances. 9.0
Fixed SQL bug on song index report. If a report was done by an artist for a specific instrument, it would include all performances on a session if any matched the requirements. 9.0
Increased character limit on instrument abbreviations from 3 to 10. 9.0
Added help window for Sessions window. 9.0
Replaced the Import From Other Issue and Import From Session buttons on Issue window with drag and drop functionality from lists and/or Sessions window as appropriate. 9.0
Replaced the Move Performance button and now use drag and drop from performance list to the session selection list of the Sessions window. 9.0
Made changes to lists so that they have a more standard look. For example, any list of sessions will have the same columns where possible. 9.0
Fixed Issues window to prevent closing of window if edits are in process. 9.0
Fixed the display of the personnel count when no performances are selected in the performance list of the Sessions window. 9.0
Replaced the Import button in the Personnel tab of the Sessions window. This is now performed by dragging a session entry from any generated session list from the Lists menu. 9.0
Eliminated Add Selected and Remove Selected buttons in the Personnel tab of the Sessions window. This processing is now handled with drag and drop and the delete key. 9.0
Added CSS path file variable to reports template for purposes of using dynamic CSS on reports. 9.0
Added php include statements in beginning and end of reports for purposes of including static files into top and bottom of reports. 9.0
Exception error processing now offers the option to quit the app. 9.0
Solo information is included in sessions reports and the session display window at top of notes. 9.0
New table for storing solo information for performances. 9.0
Added meta description field to report templates to be used in web page headers. 9.0
Due to unexpected problems with upgrade of Valentina database kernal, we've downgraded back to the kernal in use for BRIAN version 8.8. 8.10
Fixed problem with display of disclosure arrows in session report. 8.10
Added new feature in DB Maintenance menu for cloning database. This feature should only be used for serious database corruptions that are not fixable with a reindex. 8.10
Added modify date to Issues window. This datetime stamp is updated anytime a track is added or removed from an issue as well as when the issue record is updated. 8.10
Upgraded to latest version of Valentina database engine. Look for improved index handling and less need for reindex. 8.9
Fixed problem with blank lines before and after disclosure arrows in sessions report. 8.9
Added menu bar to Preferences window for Windows users. 8.9
Restored usage of report font and font size from Preferences window on session reports. 8.9
Reduced spacing between performance song title and composer list on session reports. 8.9
Restored colon separator between issue format and catalog number in the Display Session window. 8.9
Restored images to back/forward navigation buttons for lookup fields and notes editing buttons in the Edit Notes windows for Windows users. 8.9
Added Find and Find Next menu items for searching list windows. 8.8
Implemented window prefs for Display Session and Display Issue window. 8.8
Fixed window placement prefs to prevent windows from going off the screen. 8.8
Fixed problem with Issues window import. A user could cancel an import by closing the list without double clicking. Then he could open a regular issue list window to select another issue. When double clicking that, the import flag would still be set and the import performed instead of going to the issue selected. 8.8
Fixed bad outer joins in SQL for list of sessions with no performances. 8.8
Changed all database updates of song titles and label names to trim leading and trailing spaces before applying update. 8.8
Fixed bug in database conversion for version 8. Invalid issue verification fields were not being handled properly and causing a crash. 8.8
Added a Page Setup menu item. BRIAN will now support printing in landscape mode. 8.8
Preferences now store width, height and column widths for all list windows. 8.8
Reworked printing functions for list windows so that any list can be printed using the column widths in the list as a guide for the printing. 8.8
Modified Print menu so that all selected issues print. Removed the Print Issue menu item that previously supported printing issues. 8.8
Upgraded the Display Session/Issue menu item so that all selected items in the session date list or issue list in the respective Session or Issue window will display. 8.8
Tweaked personnel exceptions in session report so that exceptions for players with multiple instruments are separated by a comma rather than a semi-colon. 8.8
Fixed bug with session list filter in Sessions window that was using hard coded id for leader. This would cause an error for any user that designated a new instrument type for leader. 8.8
Implemented new Data-on-Demand software for list windows. Should be less buggy than previous version and also supports mouse wheels and two-fingered swiping for scrolling. 8.8
Modified session reports to support more CSS tags and responsive formatting for mobile devices. 8.8
Fixed bug in songs lookup field where if there are duplicate song titles and one or more of them have multiple composers, then the song could be listed more than once in the drop down list. 8.7
Fixed problems with VIAF fields:
• Writers were getting personnel field as entry for updates
• Labels were not being added or updated.
New lists for Personnel, Composers and Labels with assigned VIAF. 8.7
Bugs in the session time field and corresponding display in reports have been fixed. 8.6
Sessions window has been changed so that session time field can be blank. Previously, the display would default to 00:00 and this would indicate the field not used. Now, if the field is not used, it will display as blank and 00:00 will indicate 12:00AM. (midnight) 8.6
Reordering tracks in the Issues window is was never allowed unless the list is sorted in sequence number order. Now, the list will not allow dragging of tracks unless the list is in seq order. 8.6
The Windows version no longer quits when user cancels opening of database. 8.6
Changed "Windows" menu label to "Window". 8.6
No longer report session stats on Sessions report containing only notes. 8.6
Fixed bug in track sequencing after deleting a track Issues windows. 8.6
Fixed intermittent problem where deleting a session was rejected. 8.5
Added new list to display sessions without performances. 8.5
Added instrument to association of personnel and notes. 8.5
Added new menu item DB Maintenance->DB Stats for the display of various record counts and the last 5 sessions updated. 8.5
Fixed cosmetic display issues in Report Notes window. 8.5
Added statistical counts to the bottom of session reports. 8.5
Moved About BRIAN menu item to Help menu for Windows users. 8.5
Added Related Songs report from List menu. 8.5
Clear VIAF fields on New. 8.5
Added clickable help field on Data Components window for VIAF that will go to 8.5
Added option in Personnel Queries window to give session report as output. 8.5
Fix Songs window to disable Add Relation button is song is already a related song. 8.5
Fixed various bugs with user interface in Report Notes window that were causing duplicate notes and mismatched personnel. 8.4
Fixed intermittent problem of hot key not working for Display Session and Display Issue. 8.3
Fixed bug where reports were not showing in browser even when Show Reports was checked. Also, dynamic list reports automatically show in browser. 8.3
Fixed crashing in All Sessions, Flagged Sessions, and Sessions by Label reports. 8.3
Fixed bug that would cause BRIAN to hang if an exception was raised during a report. 8.3
Fixed Database Diagnose so that report will run. 8.3
Fixed the Select Report Personnel window so that instrument type is not required. Also cleared the window on new template creation. 8.2
Report notes now include a session type field. This allows report template to filter report notes used in sync with the sessions. 8.2
Dynamic session reports (from list menu and Session Display) default to NOT use disclosure arrows for issues. 8.2
Added take type to track list of Issue Index report. 8.1
Fixed non-display of warning on song deletion. 8.1
Refined sort for personnel listing in issues that was causing duplicate display of instruments. 8.1
Fixed error log reported from deleting Personnel in Personnel window. 8.1
Fixed error log reported in running Personnel Index report. 8.1
Fixed error in database conversion for notes-only sessions caused by corrupt session. 8.1
Fix bug preventing the addition of related song. 8.1
Added support for Windows forward delete key in removing a track from an issue. 8.1
Upgraded database engine software. New version adds speed and stability improvements. Upgrade requires database conversion. 8.0
Modified database to include new fields and deprecate uneeded fields. This includes removing redundant record pointer fields that were creating needless complexity. Upgrade requires database conversion. 8.0
Added new record type - Report Note - to replace the notes-only session type. Conversion of old style notes-only sessions are automatically converted to new report note. 8.0
Added VIAF (Virtual International Authority File) id field to personnel, composer and label records. 8.0
Removing tracks from issue on Issues window is now done with delete key. Button is deprecated. 8.0
Import of performances can now be done via drag and drop from Sessions to Issues window. This allows for importing selected performances rather than importing the entire session using the button. 8.0
Created new list - All Sessions Sorted by Modify Date.
List all sessions sorted in descending order by last modify date.
Created new list - Songs Used in Performance.
List all songs in database that are used in any performance.
Fixed display of file name on Sessions window. 8.0
Fixed Personnel Queries window so it doesn't crash. 8.0
Most listbox columns are now adjustable and the widths are saved in the preferences. Current preferences will need to be reset by user. 8.0
Fixed many places where cursor could access fields that were not active. 8.0
Added hot key for Personnel Queries window. 8.0
All notes windows are resizable. 8.0
Add spacing before "All Titles:" in session report 8.0
Fixed problem with session import where day and month was being reversed on session load. 7.10.1
Fixed problem with City and Venue field on Sessions window where auto-complete feature would not allow entry of apostrophe. 7.10.1
BRIAN will now automatically go to the open file dialog box on startup instead of displaying the blank Sessions window. BRIAN is inoperative without the database open, so why not go right to that window. 7.10
A new Personnel Queries window to generate a list of performances based on multiple songs and/or artists. 7.10
Three new lists:
     Sessions Marked as No Reports
     Issues Marked as No Reports
     List Issues for Label by Catalog Number.
The City and Venue fields on the Sessions window now use auto-complete for filling in the fields. Auto-complete suggestions are based on previous saved entries. 7.10
The Set Popups menu item and corresponding window is removed. The function to set popup menus is now located in the BRIAN Preferences window. 7.10
Cleaned up listboxes so that columns that are NOT sortable will not light up when the header is clicked. 7.10
Fixed problem of leading space in last-name-only personnel names in the Sessions window personnel listboxes. 7.10
Fixed Issues window so default Save Issue button fires when cursor is in entry fields of the window. Also fixed Session window for same problem in Label field. 7.10
Fixed the Add to Issue button for the case where the button would not fire using the return key in some instances. 7.10
Changed the Performance listbox on the Issues window so that columns are adjustable. Changes are saved in the preferences file. 7.10
Cleaned up saving of column widths for all list windows. These preferences were a bit flaky. 7.10
Added timing field to the list of performances by artist. 7.10
The preferences file for window positioning was being corrupted in some Windows versions. This has been fixed. 7.9.4
Fixed the error in handling the session list and issue list on the right of the respective windows. 7.9.4
Two checkboxes on the Reports window were incorrectly positioning when the window was resized. 7.9.4
Song, Performance and Personnel lists that were ordinarily selectable from the Songs/Personnel/Labels window are now selectable from the Sessions window where appropriate. 7.9.3
Added new window for creating performance and session lists that allow for selection of instrument. This replaces the List Performances/Sessions as Ldr. 7.9.3
Changed Instrument window to allow Leader to be ordered anywhere in the list. 7.9.3
Changed BRIAN preferences so leader and arranger can be specifically set. Previously, for the reports, BRIAN would look for "ldr" or "a" or "arr". Now, the instrument abbreviations can be set to anything. 7.9.3
Fixed bug in php reports where apostrophes were not correctly handled in report header. 7.9.3
Moved Display and Export buttons from Sessions window to File menu. 7.9.2
Rearranged Label and Title field on the Sessions window so that field display could be condensed and performance list elongated. 7.9.2
Changed song lookup drop down selection list to include composer names. 7.9.2
It is now possible to select multiple performances in a session and update the Take Type. 7.9.2
Support printing of issues from selection list in Issues window. 7.9.2
Added issue select list to the Issues window. All issues are listed in a column on the right of the window. Any issue in the list can be selected and displayed. The list can be filtered by Release Artist, Sideman, or Label. 7.9.2
BRIAN now uses the .rust file extension for the database file. Using .vdb is also acceptable. 7.9.1
Revamped scheme for entering personnel to a session. Now, any number of performances can be selected for adding or removing personnel. 7.9.1
Fixed bad bug that allowed clicking on session list when editing or creating a new session. This would cause the session to switch and lose entered data. 7.9.1
Enhanced session list on Sessions window to work better for navigation. 7.9
Updated database schema to include field for time of session along with date. Database opened with version 7.9 will not be backward compatible with previous versions of BRIAN. 7.9
Allow for using multiple artists as report filter. Can now add artists to the template along with All, Any, and NOT as operators on performances for including sessions. 7.9
Fixed preferences window so it won't open unless database is open. 7.9
Support for generating php web pages. 7.8
Added new reporting feature to allow "on the fly" session reporting based on artist, song, label or composer. These are generated from the new Lists menu. 7.7
Added Help menu. 7.7
Added new menu for Lists. All buttons on windows to requests a list have been removed and replaced by menu items. 7.7
Added session select list to the Sessions window. All session dates are now listed in a column on the right of the window. Any session in the list can be selected and displayed. The list can be filtered by Artist, Artist as Leader, or Label. 7.7
Added menu hot keys to allow switching between the Songs, Personnel, and Labels tab in the Songs/Personnel/Labels window. 7.7
Session reports now include a link to sessionReport.css to allow for CSS customizations of the report. 7.7
Added menu items and corresponding hot keys for all the place where a "new" key exists on a menu. i.e. if a new session is needed, select File-->New-->New Session or Ctrl-N (Command-N on the Mac). 7.7
Fixed import session list so that notes-only sessions do not appear for import. 7.7
Update Performance button on Sessions window will only light up when a field for the selected performance is changed. 7.6.5
Added button to Notes window to facilitate links for images in the text. 7.6.5
Implemented feature to create copy of database that is a subset of data based on any person. 7.6.4
Improved the sorting for listboxes on Sessions and Issues window. 7.6.4
Added option to Session Report for implementing a javascript disclosure triangles for showing/hiding long issue lists under a performance. 7.6.3
Implemented improved Song Index report that includes timing, session type and take type. 7.6.3
Fixed issue reports so that Text Dates display when used on session. 7.6.1
Fixed display of Issues and Sessions window so fields move properly when windows are resized. 7.6.1
Fixed issue notes field so that line spacing will be respected in reports. 7.6.1
Fixed Add Personnel button that would not light up for notes-only sessions. 7.6.1
Added function in BRIAN Preferences window to clear automatic preferences that are not stored in the database, but in the preferences file on the local computer. These are things like window placement. 7.6.1
Bug fix for Add Personnel button 7.6
Various minor bug fixes. 7.5
BRIAN now goes directly to Sessions window on startup. Window is disabled until database is opened. 7.4
Changed all lookup fields so that the selection list appears below the field. 7.4
Allow multiple selection for moving performances from one session to another. 7.4
Added Session by Artist as Leader list in the Personnel tab of the Songs/Personnel/Labels window. 7.4
Fixed the sort by release date option in the Reports window so it now works. Also, implemented feature where issue release dates of year 9999 have the release date hidden in the report for the purpose of making these issues sort to the bottom. 7.4
Implemented notes for the Issues window. Issue notes are displayed in the Issue Index report and the Issue Display window. 7.4
Double clicking a track or performance in the Issues window will bring up the corresponding session in the Sessions window. 7.4
Instrument window now uses "drag and drop" for reordering. 7.4
Session Display and Issue Display now support printing. 7.4
Converted the Windows version to a non-MDI interface removing the old-style Windows desktop that contained the BRIAN windows. Now BRIAN windows can float among other non-BRIAN windows. 7.4
Combined Songs, Personnel, and Labels windows into one Song/Personnel/Labels window. 7.4
Implemented Auditor window to check database integrity and make fixes if necessary. 7.4
List windows position, width and colummn widths are now saved in preferences. 7.3
Changed Export function of listbrowser window to export all sessions listed if alt/opt key is pressed along with Export button. 7.3
Added new data columns to many of the lists. 7.3
Added new list to Personnel window - List of Performances as Ldr. 7.3
Added "Save Changes As..." option for editing report templates. This will allow using a template as a prototype for a new template. 7.3
As an aide to clean up database for songs added without composers, added Songs w/o Composers to song window lists. 7.3
Implemented printing of lists. This replaces the Write to File... feature. 7.3
Changed song lookup when adding tracks so that only songs attached to sessions as a performance will appear. 7.2
Added venue to Sessions window lists. 7.0
Added 2 lists to Issues window; by issue artist and label. Also, added issue artist column to list. 7.0
Added buttons to Edit Notes window to support HTML tags for bolding, italicizing, underlining and hyperlinking text. 7.0
Many minor cosmetic changes and bug fixes. 7.0
Changed Reports window to use 3 step edit mode instead of 2 step edit mode. 7.0
Improved format of Ax List report and fixed so diacritical characters can be shown. Also restrict reporting to only instruments that are used for sidemen. 7.0
Added a Show Notes Only Session option to the Reports window. 7.0
Reports window is changed to allow multiple selection of issue formats for reporting where issue format is a selection. Previously, only one format type or all could be selected. 7.0
Reports window is changed to allow multiple selection of session types for reporting where session type is a selection. Previously, only one session type or all could be selected. 7.0
Reports window is changed to allow multiple selection of personnel and instrument combinations for reports. Previously, only two artists could be selected. 7.0
New feature in Songs window to link related songs based on any qualification determined by user. Link qualifications can be added in Set Popups window. 7.0
Reports are now generated using a utf8 encoding. We hope this puts an end to all problems with diacritical characters. 7.0
Changed the parameters for preventing duplication issues on database. Previously, title, catalog number, and format were checked. Now, we also check artist. 6.2
Warnings log file will no longer be produced when reindexing database. On Windows, this file was in the Program Files folder. On Mac, it was placed in the folder containing the database. 6.2
More minor bug fixes for placing cursor in performances listbox on Sessions window when changing tabs in window. 6.2
Many fixes for display and tabbing issues in windows. 6.1
Fixed Session reports to respect setting for On Hand issues. 6.1
Include report header title in mailto link on reports. 6.1
Fixed Issue report to handle matrix numbers longer than 20 chars. Also added padding to columns. 6.1
Added On Hand checkbox to reports window. This will put issues marked as "on hand" in boldface type on the Session Report. 6.0
Added leader only checkbox for Issue Index reports to include only issues where the target artist is used as the artist for the issue record. 6.0
By line added to reports header. If the Name or Email fields in the Preferences window are used, then that info is used to generate a by-line for the report under the heading. Otherwise, the author name and email fields from the report template is used. 6.0
Fixed bug in using notes-only sessions. Personnel assigned to these sessions were getting assigned to the last viewed performance of a non-notes-only session. In addition to fixing the bug, I've added a small routine invoked during the database open that will clean up previously entered personnel for notes-only sessions. 6.0
Changed all windows to use new, more compact look. Changed button labels to be more descriptive and added help tags to most buttons. 6.0
Added checkbox to Reports Generator window for purpose of setting reports generator to open reports in default web browser after generation. 6.0
Updated database scheme to include following new fields:
  • Author name for report templates.
  • Author email for report templates.
  • Metadata file name for report templates
  • Verification field for Issues window.
  • Checkbox for flagging sessions not to be included on reports.
  • Checkbox for flagging issues not to be included on reports.
Fixed heading of Flagged Session lists
Combined Songs and Composers window.
Fixed bug with incorrect track counting on Issues window
Fixed problem with display of Issue Display and Sessions Display. A work field not meant to be displayed was being seen.
Fixed problem with display of notes-only sessions where performances from previously viewed session were being displayed.
Added new report type - All Issues on DB. This will report all issues regardless of artist.
Fixed problem where sessions would sometimes not allow deletion.
Added attribute to the HTML tag in all reports. 5.6.1
Template filter on Reports window now goes against report description as well as name/label. 5.6.1
Added track counter to Issues window. When the track list is sorted in sequence order, the number of tracks is counted. This attempts to take into account medleys. 5.6.1
Added new report type to Reports window to create report of only flagged sessions. 5.6.1
Added menu item to Edit menu to allow clearing the flagged status of all sessions. 5.6.1
Added new list to Sessions window that includes a checkbox to allow setting sessions to "flagged" status. 5.6.1
Added feature to Issues window to allow importing as tracks all performances from a session. Works similar to importing tracks from another issue. 5.6.1
Added Ctrl-Alt-A, Cmd-Opt-A keyboard shortcut for Instrument window. 5.6.1
Sorting for the track list in issues window is now controlled by clicking the list heading instead of the popup menu. 5.6.1
Issues window performance listbox is now sortable by date in ascending or descending order. List was alway sorting by date in ascending order. Now user can choose by clicking the listbox header. 5.6.1
Changed Issues window to resize and increase the size of the perf selection listbox. 5.6.1
Added new tabpanel to Sessions window to support displaying and editing notes. Removed the separate window that previously supported notes. 5.6.1
Fix Session and Issue display window so they work for Microsoft Vista.
Revert back to previous method of blocking fields when not in edit mode. Changes in version 5.6 were preventing the selection of text for copy and paste operations in the Sessions window.
Made a menu selection on the Reports window to allow reporting of all sessions in Database regardless of artist.
Include session title in session lists. 5.6
Add preferences for font and font size in generated reports. 5.6
Include take type in Session report. 5.6
Added display function to Issues window for the purpose of displaying the issue in a popup window as it would apprear in a report. 5.6
Combined Sessions, Add Performances, and Add Sidemen windows into one window. 5.6
Combined Issues and Add Tracks windows into one window. 5.5.9
Added reverse searching to the list windows. 5.5.8
Created Start at Beginning checkbox to list window so that searches can be done from beginning or from the current location of the list. 5.5.8
Created Add To All checkbox for the Add Performers window that will enable person to be added to all performances when clicking the add button. 5.5.8
Created Songs by Label report. 5.5.8
Created new report; Personnel index by label. 5.5.8
Personnel Index report now uses free date if available. 5.5.8
Generate XML file of issues for label from Labels window 5.5.8
Added display of session, source and work notes to session display window. 5.5.8
Changed reports to be XHTML compliant. 5.5.8
Changed formatting of personnel exceptions to improve readability. 5.5.8
Enhancements to exception processing logging. 5.5.7
Added filtering for templates in the listbox display of the Reports window. 5.5.7
Fixed problem with Label report where sessions were being repeated. 5.5.7
Fixed problem with XML import where songs were getting wrong composers. 5.5.7
Problem using "." as date separator. Sessions window would crash. 5.5.4
Reworked Reports window to use tabPanels for template fields. 5.5
European style dates were crashing the progam. 5.5
Added display button on Session window so info for session can now be displayed in popup window just as it would appear in session report. 5.1.9
Option to auto-fill instrument field based on skill entry of personnel record in Add Sidemen window. 5.1.9
List Sessions for Label list request added to Labels window 5.1.9
New database engine. Valentina 2.4 5.0
Changes to Issues table:
  • New Volume field to indicate number of volumes on multi-volume sets
  • New field to indicate location of issue
  • Increase size of catalog number to 100 chars
Added new table for storing meta data info. i.e. email address as id for sharing data. 5.0
Support session reports that are qualified by a specific instrument for the subject performer. e.g. all session where x is playing cl only. 5.0
New fields for Sessions table:
  • creation date/time stamp
  • modified date/time stamp
  • creator id. (to track source of XML exchanges)
  • session title
  • citation/source notes.
Increased size of matrix number to 100 chars. 5.0
Implemented preferences window for handling date format prefs and id information. Also, these prefs are now stored in the database. 5.0
Composers as displayed in the Songs window and reports can now be explicitly ordered as desired by dragging the names in the writer list box in the Songs window. 5.0
In the session report, list arrangers of tunes along with composers rather than in the personnel listing. 5.0
Deleting last perfomance in list on Add Performances window would sometimes crash the program. 5.0
In windows that had buttons for sub windows, those buttons have been removed and replaced with menu items. e.g. Add Performances and Add Sidemen on the Sessions window. 5.0
Support special notes fields that are not associated with a specific session, but can be inserted after a designated session in the report. Notes-only sessions. 5.0
Added new hours field to the Performances window. 5.0
Fixed bug that would crash program if user cancels creation of export file (XML) for a session. 5.0
Updated indexing to include more punctuation chars masked from the sorting 5.0
Updated indexing on the labels field to mask "a" and "the" from being included in the sort when they begin the field. 5.0
XML import now includes source notes for session. 5.0
Added font preferences for windows. 5.0
Column widths can now be resized on the list browser windows. 5.0
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