For Windows, download the BrianSetup.exe installer and double-click to install all files in your system's Program Files directory. Do not change the location of the folder contents. It is recommended that you uninstall previous versions of BRIAN before upgrading.


For the Macintosh, the download will be a mountable disk image file or .dmg file named Brian Discography Software.dmg. Double-click Brian Discography Software.dmg; a new disk drive should appear called Brian Discography Software. Drag the Brian icon into the alias of the Applications folder or directly into your Applications folder.

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System Requirements


Mac OS X

Macintosh users will run into issues with Gatekeeper. BRIAN is not a code signed app so Apple will not automatically recognize it as safe for your computer. You can find out more about this on Apple's web page regarding Gatekeeper.

Registering with Gatekeeper is not free. It also requires more work to create the app. I've been working on BRIAN since 1997 and have always offered it for no charge, so there is no motivation for me to pay to have this app code signed. Other than just saying "trust me" regarding any malware that may be included in BRIAN, I can only offer the references of other satisfied users, some displaying discographies hosted and/or linked from

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Starting BRIAN

There are two ways to start BRIAN:

1 - Double click on your database file. If you have made the file association between BRIAN and the extension used on your database file, (.rust) then BRIAN will start and open your database.

2 - Click on the BRIAN application icon. On start, an open dialog window will appear so you can select the database file you want to use. After selecting a database, the Sessions window will appear and you can start work.

You cannot have multiple BRIAN databases open and accessible with BRIAN simultaneously. That said, BRIAN is designed to store all your data in one database. If you think you need multiple databases (aside from backups), you are probably not understanding how BRIAN works. Please feel free to contact me if you think that you need multiple databases. If there is something lacking in BRIAN I will fix it.

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Important warning

It is recommended that backups of the BRIAN data files be taken regularly. There are two kinds of backups that should be used.

One is a backup to another device other than the primary hard drive such as a zip drive, external hard drive or CDr. If your primary hard drive crashes for some reason, you will be very glad you have another copy of your data.

Another backup that should be used is a simple copy of the database on the primary hard drive. This should be done before you sit down to do any extensive data entry. It is much simpler to do than an external backup so resistance to this should be low. Should BRIAN crash because of a bug (I've done extensive testing, but who knows what might be lurking out there!) or due to a power failure or some other type of hardware failure, the database could be irreparably corrupted. By making periodic backups on your local hard drive, you minimize the amount of work that is possible to lose.