Displaying Track Lists in Session Reports


When generating session reports, BRIAN will look in the IssueIncludeFolder to see if any referenced issue has a track list for display. If found, BRIAN will create a link to the track list when displaying the issue entry in the session report. Clicking on the link will toggle the display of the track list within the session report.

Creating the Track List Files

Track list files are generated from the Issues window. Use the list on the right side of the window to select the issues that will have a generated track list. Use the Lists->Issues->Track List Files menu to generate the files from the selected list. The files will be placed in the folder you select - either in the Preferences window, or from the prompt when using the menu.

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Setting the Location For the Track List Files

BRIAN will generate the track list files in any folder you designate on your hard drive. But, in order for the automatic linking to work, the track list folder must be named "IssueIncludeFolder" and must be located within the reports folder used to store the session reports.

BRIAN Preferences window - Appearance

Reports Folder

Use the Browse button to select the folder where BRIAN should store the generated reports. BRIAN versions prior to 9.12 would have you select this folder when the reports were generated and only remember the location until the programe quit. Now, you can set this in the preferences and not have to bother with that when running reports.

Track List Folder

Use the Browse button to select the folder where BRIAN should store the generated track lists. These track lists are generated from the Lists->Issues->Track List Files for Selected Issues menu from issues selected in the Issues window list. See the documentation for the Issues window for more information.

Example of Track List Linking

Below is an example of how the track list linking will appear in a session report. This session is taken from the Kent Glenn discography found on AtticToys.com

Date: 17 May 2001
Location: Eve Jim Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Label: Saphu
The Music of Sharon Bercutt

Sharon Bercutt, Kent Glenn (ldr), Sharon Bercutt, Kent Glenn (p), Mark Proctor (b), Kate Griffith (d)

a. Ballad - 5:15(Sharon Bercutt)
b. Return - 3:44(Sharon Bercutt)
c. Clusters - 1:47(Sharon Bercutt)
All titles on: Saphu CDSCD-0020 — The Music of Sharon Bercutt   (2002)
Rhombus CDRHO 7049 — The Music of Sharon Bercutt   (2005)

Sharon Bercutt (p) on c; Kent Glenn (p) on a-b; Mark Proctor (b) on a-b; Kate Griffith (d) on a-b.