BRIAN - the Discography Compilation Application BRIAN is a relational database application for compiling standard discography information. It is named after Brian Rust, who perfected the chronological recording session format for print discographies. BRIAN tracks every aspect of a record date, from sidemen to songs to composers to issues. All pieces of data are instantly cross-referenced and searchable and the discographies produced are very similar in format to Rust.

More ambitious than other available catalog/inventory applications that simply provide a list of issued records, BRIAN starts instead with the recording session itself and includes all session details: date, location, full personnel, master numbers, tune titles, and all catalog numbers of every issued performance. Going beyond Rust, it also includes song composers, timings, and full titles of issues.

BRIAN could be used to produce a discography of an individual artist or a general work - it can handle anything in Rust or Raben or Ruppli (as long as someone's willing to enter the data!). BRIAN was used to compile the discography in Capitol's Sinatra Singles boxed set.

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