Using the BRIAN List Feature

BRIAN has several list features to allow quick retrieval of information about the database. Many of the lists are contextual, meaning that they only work in the context of what is displayed in a window. The list to display all issues is non-contextual - it can be displayed at any time regardless of which window is active. The list of issues containing a specific song is contextual in that it can only be used to display information of the current song selected in the Songs window.

Lists generated from BRIAN

These are listed by the categories from the Lists menu.

Common List Features

The lists share common features of searching, exporting, sorting, and customization.

At the bottom of the list window is a text field for entering a string of characters used in searching the list. Entering a string of characters activates the Find button. After using the Find button to initiate a search, the Next button will activate for the purpose of finding subsequent entries. Hotkeys can be used for these features. (Command-f and Command-g for the Mac or Control-f and Control-g for Windows.)

The search begins at the entry selected in the list. When first opening a list window, the search position is the top of the list. After starting a search, the Start At Beginning checkbox must be clicked to force a subsequent search to begin at the top of the list. The searches will not "wrap". At the end of the found entries for a search, any subsequent search will fail. The Up and Down radio buttons allow for change of direction on the search.

Any list can be exported to a tab-delimited text file suitable for opening in Microsoft Excel. Use the Export button at the bottom of the list window.

Sort order of lists can be changed by clicking on the heading of any column. Clicking will rotate the sort from ascending to descending order.

Columns in lists can be resized by dragging. The preferences file will remember the customization of the columns and the position of the window on the screen when the list window is closed.

Double clicking on an entry in the list will navigate to an appropriate display of the entry. What does "appropriate" mean? If you are looking at a list of all songs in the database and double click on an entry, it will bring you to the Songs window and display the entry for the song. If you are looking at a list of all sessions, double clicking will bring you to the entry for that session in the Sessions window. If you are looking at a list of all performances by an artist, double clicking will bring you to the entry for that session in the Sessions window.

Use the File->Print menu to print the lists. The column widths of the printout will correspond to the percentage of widths displayed on the list. Adjust the widths on the window by dragging the edge of the column header.