Beyond Category Release Notes

Description Version
Support removing a all stars from a rating via contextual menu. (right-click) 7.12
Add a star rating for Albums. 7.12
Modified the Ratings list window with a radio button to support lists for tracks or albums. 7.12
Added new menu item under lists for selecting Albums Rating List. 7.12
Implemented star rating for album tracks. 7.11
Implemented new window - Ratings - to allow select of ratings for listing tracks. 7.11
Implemented use of showing Text Date, if used, wherever date is displayed in track lists. 7.11
Added "are you sure" nag for changing multiple tracks. This can be bypassed by pressing the shift key while pressing the change button. 7.11
Fixed the issue where full display of cover image was opening under the Albums window. (This is only working for the Mac version. More investigation for Windows version needed.) 7.11
Added take type to album report. 7.10
Fixed album cover drop to correctly handle drop of image directly from a web page. 7.10
Fixed placement of "Drop File Here" label so it disappears after adding an album cover. 7.10
Fixed display of full picture to display correctly when double clicking on album cover. 7.10
Now support printing of list windows. 7.10
Changed the instrument list of Instrument window to allow sorting of the columns. 7.10
Changed position of the cancel button on the Notes panel to be at the far left. 7.10
Updated Prefs window to handle American or European style dates. 7.9
Update Orange CD import to add leading 0 to minutes. 7.9
Fix date display in album reports. Now use Prefs window to set format. 7.9
Modified List Tracks by Artist list to include instruments played. 7.9
Modified DateEntry class to properly handle tabbing through dates when using European dates. 7.9
Fixed SQL for printing album report when printing a selection of genres. 7.9
Added new list - Tracks by Composer 7.8
Modified Tracks by Person list to include album file artist, track timing and performance date. 7.8
Changed export feature of lists to append .txt to the file name. 7.8
The file name of the opened database is displayed in the menu bar of the Albums window. 7.7
Added code to the printing of multiple albums so that if the album can't be completely printed on the remainder of a page, it will break to a new page. 7.7
Album print reports no longer print empty parens where there are no composers entered for a song. 7.7
Some users of starter database had a corrupted schema for the Playlists. A routine on database open has been added to look for and fix this issue. 7.7
Fixed display of artist with last name only so that the leading space is trimmed. 7.6
Fixed instrument popup so it refreshes after adding or editing an instrument without having to close and reopen the Albums window. 7.6
Added feature for importing Orange CD albums. 7.6
Fixed version check to work on startup 7.5
Fixed sql for playlists list on Albums window so playlists with no tracks will show up. 7.5
Fixed the Take type popup on the Albums window to refresh itself on mouse down. 7.5
Fixed problem where popup preference updates would cause exception. 7.4
Added feature to song lookup field so it will show composers in the dropdown selection. 7.3
Fixed bug where track performance text date was getting entered in tracklist date column regardless if it was blank. 7.3
Update date formatter module to default to short date is no preference is set. 7.3
Fixed the tabbing in the Albums window so tabbing out of the year field will now go to text date field. 7.3
Fixed Windows installer to accommodate removal of 64 bit dlls that were conflicting with the 32 bit release. 7.2
Fixed bugs in lookup fields that were introduced by changes in the new compiler. 7.2
Added sorting of the album and track personnel by instrument or name by clicking the header of the column. 7.1
Enhanced functionality of multi-track editing. 7.1
Added new list - Playlists 7.1
Modified tracklist of Albums window to include medley indicator using a checkmark 7.1
Widened Albums window so as to allow for a wider tracklist 7.1
Save column widths of Album window tracklist 7.1
Reorganized project and uploaded changes from version 6.7 that never made it to the public version. No user functionality added. 7.0
Printing of albums can now be done on multiple albums as selected in the albums selection list on the Albums window. 6.7
Description Version
Removed lists for Albums by Date Last Updates, Albums by Date Added. Instead, allow dynamic sorting by these fields in the generic Complete Album List. 6.7
Fixed tabbing through ImportAlbum fields. 6.7
Fixed ImportAlbum so that label field is mandatory before allowing load. 6.7
Implemented ComposerList class for Songs window that will allow reordering of composers 6.7
Cleaned up tabbing in controls for Albums window. 6.7
Label field is now required when adding or editing album. 6.7
Added record updated and record created time stamps to all tables. Also updated all VC cursors to update these fields where appropriate. 6.7
Add Person to Track button will be disabled if no track is selected. 6.7
On change of tabpanel to personnel in Albums window, clear track personnel if no track selected. This includes for album with no tracks. Previously, the list was populated with last album personnel. 6.7
New menu item for dump/reload of database. This can be used to fix various data corruptions. 6.7
Upgraded database software to new version. 6.6
Fixed problem with newly added personnel and writer names breaking their index. 6.5
Added pref to remember Auto-fill ax checkbox. 6.5
New lists: Songs Used on Album, Personnel Used on Album, Albums by Last Update, Albums by Added. 6.4
Various small bug fixes. 6.3
Several updates not detailed including:
• New database schema.
• No longer allow creation of new DB - must use starter DB
• Drag and drop implemented for moving personnel and tracks
• Added cover image ability to Albums window
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