René Thomas, bebop guitarist

(25 February 1926 – 3 January 1975)


Discography by Christian Oestreicher
First published January 2024

Leloir introb

The arrival of Jimmy Raney in Paris, 1954, from left to right : X, Jimmy Gourley, René Thomas (sitting), Bob Aubert, Sacha Distel & Jimmy Raney (photo : Jean-Pierre Leloir).

This discography could not have been established without the invaluable help of Jean-Luc Gautier.
My thanks first to Bob Aubert who introduced me to this wonderful guitarist in the early sixties, “King René” as they said then. Thank you also to Jimmy Gourley and Claude Schlouch.
Without forgetting Colin Guillamou's wonderful Belgian site:

And then, as usual:

  • The whole work of Michel Ruppli, of course
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