Ella Fitzgerald Discography

Discography by Michele Scasso
First published in 2006

Discography Pages

Michele "Miky" Scasso was an esteemed member of Songbirds known for his generosity in sharing records from his collection and his extensive knowledge of singers of the Great American Songbook - in particular Ella Fitzgerald. His generosity toward me is still showing in the About window of my BRIAN discography software where his artwork is on display.

Miky left us much too early as a very young man in the Spring of 2007 due to Leukemia.

Miky's website had a very nice discography of Ella Fitzgerald that was created using BRIAN. JazzDiscography.com pointed to that discography for several years after Miky's death, but eventually the site disappeared so the data was lost.

I have recently found a copy of Miky's database in an old backup archive of mine. It is not uncommon for BRIAN users to send me a copy of their database - sometimes to use in debugging a problem they were having. Based on the file creation date I am fairly certain this copy is, if not the exact copy he used to post his discography, very close to it.

I am posting these pages here because I'm certain Miky would want to share this information.

Bear in mind this discography was completed in 2006 so there will be many releases issued since then that are not referenced. Not being an expert on Ella Fitzgerald, I'm not keen on making updates to these pages. I prefer to leave them as Miky left them. That said, if anyone finds egregious errors in what is displayed, please contact me with the correct information. I can be reached at steve@steve-albin.com.

Image by Michele Scasso

Artwork by Michele Scasso for use in BRIAN.