Instument Abbreviation List

Here is a list of abbreviations I use for instruments. Most of them are directly from Rust's discography. Any I didn't find there, I made up myself.

  a     Arranger                      
  acc   Accompanied                   
  acg   Acoustic Guitar               
  ah    Alto Horn                     
  as    Alto Sax                      
  b     Bass                          
  bar   Baritone Sax                  
  bb    Brass Bass (tuba)             
  bcl   Bass Clarinet                 
  bd    Bass Drum                     
  bh    Baritone Horn                 
  bj    Banjo                         
  bkv   Vocals                        
  bo    Bongos                        
  br    Brass                         
  bsn   Bassoon                       
  bsx   Bass Sax                      
  bt    Bass Trombone                 
  c     Cornet                        
  ca    Cor Anglais (Eng. horn)       
  cel   Celeste                       
  cl    Clarinet                      
  Cm    C-Melody Sax                  
  cng   Congas                        
  con   Conductor                     
  d     Drums                         
  db    Doubling                      
  dir   Director                      
  elg   Electric Guitar               
  elo   Electric Organ                
  elp   Electric Piano                
  eu    Euphonium                     
  f     Flute                         
  fh    Flugel-Horn                   
  frh   French Horn                   
  g     Guitar                        
  gfs   Goofus/Cuesnophone            
  h     Harmonica                     
  har   Harmonium                     
  hfp   Hot Fountain Pen              
  hrp   Harp                          
  k     Kazoo                         
  key   Keyboards                     
  ldr   Leader                        
  md    Mandolin                      
  mel   Mellophone                    
  o     Oboe                          
  oc    Ocarina                       
  or    Organ (pipe)                  
  oth   Other                         
  p     Piano                         
  pac   Accordion                     
  per   Percussion                    
  pic   Piccolo                       
  qv    quo vides                     
  r     Reeds                         
  sax   Sax                           
  sb    String Bass                   
  sd    Snare Drum                    
  snt   Synthesizer                   
  ss    Soprano Sax                   
  stg   Steel Guitar                  
  str   Strings                       
  sw    Slide Whistle                 
  syn   Synclavier                    
  t     Trumpet                       
  tam   Tamborine                     
  tb    Trombone                      
  th    Tenor Horn                    
  tim   Timbales                      
  ts    Tenor Sax                     
  tym   Tympani                       
  u     Ukelele                       
  unk   unknown                       
  v     Vocalist                      
  vbh   Vibraharp                     
  vc    Violoncello                   
  vib   Vibraphone                    
  vl    Viola                         
  vn    Violin                        
  vtb   Valve Trombone                
  w     Whistling                     
  wb    Washboard                     
  x     Xylophone