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Kendra Shank Discography

by Steve Albin

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Date: 1986
Location: Triad Studios, Redmond, WA
Label: Victory Music

Kendra & Barry (ldr), Kendra Shank (g, v), Barry Hunn (12g)

a. Richard's Children - 2:46(Kendra Shank)
Victory Music CDVMRCD 501-2 — Victory Music Revue, Vol. 1   (1986)

Date: May 12-14, 1989
Location: Studio Gimmick, France
Label: Pan Music

Jim Pepper/Claudine François Trio (ldr), Jim Pepper (as, ts), Claudine François (p), Ed Schuller (b), John Betsch (d), Kendra Shank (v)

a. Enlightenment - 7:47(Claudine François)
b. Camargue - 8:03(Claudine François)
c. Les Tortues - 3:08(Claudine François)
d. Magnetic Highlands - 5:12(Claudine François)
e. Hot September - 5:36(Claudine François)
f. I Couldn't Believe It - 4:34(Claudine François)
g. Double Dutch Treat - 5:24(Claudine François)
h. Crepuscule With Nellie - 4:34(Thelonious Monk)
i. Hoo Ray For Herbie - 6:55(Mal Waldron)
j. Suite X - 7:19(Claudine François)
k. Drakumba - 6:45(Ed Schuller)
All titles on: Pan Music CDPMC1106 (F) — Camargue   (1989)

Kendra Shank (v) on k.

Date: July 5, 6, 1992
Location: Mapleshade Studio, Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Label: Mapleshade

Kendra Shank (ldr), Gary Bartz (as), Kendra Shank (g, v), Larry Willis (p), Steve Novosel (b), Steve Berrios (d, cng, per), Paul Murphy, Steve Williams (d)

a. Almost Blue - 5:17(Elvis Costello)
b. Photograph - 5:32(Antonio Carlos Jobim)
c. Tes Yeux Bémol - 8:26(Henri Renaud, Daniel Allary)
d. Paris Bossa - 3:44(Kendra Shank)
e. There's Never Been A Day - 7:38(Bob Dorough)
f. Afterglow - 6:21(Carroll Coates)
g. Devil May Care - 4:07(Bob Dorough, T. P. Kirk)
h. I Have The Feeling I've Been Here Before - 3:46(Roger Kellaway, Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman)
i. Left Alone - 4:17(Billie Holiday, Mal Waldron)
All titles on: Mapleshade CD02132 — Afterglow   (1994)

Gary Bartz (as) on d-e; Kendra Shank (g) on d, f; Larry Willis (p) on a-h; Steve Novosel (b) on a-b, d-i; Steve Berrios (d) on g-h, (cng) on a-b, d-i, (per) on a-b, d-i; Paul Murphy (d) on f; Steve Williams (d) on a-b, d-e, i.

Date: 1995
Location: Triad Studios, Redmond, WA
Label: Pony Boy Records

Randy Halberstadt (ldr), Hans Teuber (as), Randy Halberstadt (p), Phil Sparks (b), Greg Williamson (d), Kendra Shank (v)

a. Gazelle - 5:51(Randy Halberstadt)
Pony Boy Records CDPB 50106-2 — Clockwork   (1996)

Date: April 20, 21, 1998
Location: Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, NY
Label: Jazz Focus

Kendra Shank (ldr), Hans Teuber (f, ss, as, ts), Frank Kimbrough (p), Joe Locke (vib), Jeff Johnson (b), Victor Lewis (d), Kendra Shank (v)

a. Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair - 7:33(traditional)
b. Should've Been - 5:57(Abbey Lincoln)
c. You And The Night And The Music - 4:27(Arthur Schwartz, Howard Dietz)
d. A Lover's Lie - 4:08(Earl R. Johnson, Jr.)
e. Moves - 7:57(Jeff Johnson)
f. That Lonesome Road - 4:01(James Taylor, Don Grolnick)
g. You Say You Care - 5:10(Jule Styne, Leo Robin)
h. Wish - 6:27(Kendra Shank, Joe Locke)
i. Gone - 6:53(Jeff Johnson)
j. L'Amour Est Bien Plus Fort Que Nous (Love Is Stronger Far Than We) - 4:39(Francis Lai, Pierre Barouh)
k. Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise - 6:58(Sigmund Romberg, Oscar Hammerstein II)
l. Angel Face - 6:50(Hank Jones, Abbey Lincoln)
All titles on: Jazz Focus CDJFCD028 (Can) — Wish   (1998)

Hans Teuber (f) on k, (ss) on b, i, (as) on c-e, g, (ts) on h; Frank Kimbrough (p) on a-b, d-l; Joe Locke (vib) on h; Jeff Johnson (b) on a-e, g-l; Victor Lewis (d) on a-e, g-l.

Date: June 2, 3, 1999
Location: Avatar Studios, New York
Label: Reservoir

Peter Leitch (ldr), Bobby Watson (ss, as), Peter Leitch (g), Renee Rosnes (p), Dwayne Burno (b), Billy Hart (d), Kendra Shank (v)

a. Blues On The Corner - 7:13(McCoy Tyner)
b. The Hillary Step - 6:57(Peter Leitch)
c. Nothing Ever Changes My Love For You - 7:20(Jack Segal, Marvin Fisher)
d. Johan Carolyn - 10:23(Peter Leitch)
e. Monk's Mood(Thelonious Monk)
f. Bemsha Swing - 6:34(Thelonious Monk, Denzil Best)
g. K. Zee - 7:42(Peter Leitch)
h. Wendy's Shoes - 8:24(Peter Leitch)
i. Bud 'n Bird - 2:40(Peter Leitch)
j. How Long Has This Been Going On? - 7:53(George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin)
k. From This Moment On - 5:54(Cole Porter)
All titles on: Reservoir CDRSR CD 160 — Blues On The Corner   (2000)

e, f performed as medley.

Bobby Watson (ss) on g, (as) on a-b, d, h, k; Renee Rosnes (p) on a-b, d, g-h, k; Dwayne Burno (b) on a-h, j-k; Billy Hart (d) on a-h, j-k; Kendra Shank (v) on a-b, d, h, k.

Date: February 18-21, 2000
Location: Right Track Studio, New York
Label: Verve

Abbey Lincoln (ldr), Joe Lovano (ts), Jerry Gonzalez (t), Kendra Shank (g), Brandon McCune (p), John Ormond (b), Jaz Sawyer (d), Jennifer Vincent (vc), Abbey Lincoln (v)

a. When The Lights Go On Again - 5:53(Sol Marcus, Eddie Seiler, Bennie Benjamin)
b. Blackberry Blossoms - 4:08(Abbey Lincoln, traditional)
c. Somos Novios (Impossible) - 6:11(Armando Manzanero)
d. A Heart Is Not a Toy - 4:14(Abbey Lincoln)
e. I Could Sing It For a Song - 4:20(Abbey Lincoln)
f. I'm Not Supposed To Know - 3:59(Abbey Lincoln)
g. The Windmills Of Your Mind - 5:03(Michel LeGrand, Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman)
h. Lucky To Be Me - 7:30(Betty Comden, Adolph Green, Leonard Bernstein)
i. What Will Tomorrow Bring - 6:27(Abbey Lincoln)
All titles on: Verve CD314 549 101-2 — Over The Years   (2000)

Joe Lovano (ts) on a-b, e-g, i; Jerry Gonzalez (t) on c, f; Kendra Shank (g) on b; Jennifer Vincent (vc) on a, i.

Date: April 28, 29, 2000
Location: Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, New York
Label: Jazz Focus

Kendra Shank (ldr), Kendra Shank (g, v), Frank Kimbrough (p), Dean Johnson (b), Tony Moreno (d, per)

a. Alone Together - 5:49(Arthur Schwartz, Howard Dietz)
b. I'm Never Sure - 5:49(Jeff Johnson)
c. Reflections (aka Reflections in D) - 5:49(Duke Ellington, Milt Raskin, Majorie Raskin)
d. This Is New - 4:52(Kurt Weill, Ira Gershwin)
e. Throw It Away - 6:00(Abbey Lincoln)
f. When Springtime Turns To Fall - 5:18(Randy Halberstadt)
g. Let It Be - 6:38(John Lennon, Paul McCartney)
h. Papillon Des Nuits (aka Cuban Waltz) - 3:57(Claire Galliand, Jean-Louis Billoud)
i. A Timeless Place (aka The Peacocks) - 9:46(Norma Winstone, Jimmy Rowles)
j. The Silence Of A Candle - 4:11(Ralph Towner)
All titles on: Jazz Focus CDJFCD037 (Can) — Reflections   (2000)

Kendra Shank (g) on j.

Date: January 2 & 3, 2005
Location: Eastside Sound, New York
Label: Challenge

Kendra Shank (ldr), Billy Drewes (bcl, ss, ts, per), Ben Monder (g), Frank Kimbrough (p), Gary Versace (pac), Dean Johnson (b), Tony Moreno (d, per), Kendra Shank (kal, v)

a. The Music Is The Magic - 8:15(Abbey Lincoln)
b. I Got Thunder (And It Rings) - 6:24(Abbey Lincoln)
c. Not To Worry - 3:53(Abbey Lincoln)
d. Down Here Below - 6:56(Abbey Lincoln)
e. A Circle Of Love - 5:42(Abbey Lincoln)
f. Incantation - 7:34(Kendra Shank)
g. Throw It Away(Abbey Lincoln)
h. Bird Alone - 4:02(Abbey Lincoln)
i. The World Is Falling Down - 7:03(Abbey Lincoln)
j. Wholly Earth - 7:55(Abbey Lincoln)
k. Natas (aka Playmate) - 4:06(Abbey Lincoln)
l. Being Me - 5:38(Abbey Lincoln)
All titles on: Challenge CDCR73253 (NL) — A Spirit Free - Abbey Lincoln Songbook   (2007)

f, g performed as medley.

Billy Drewes (bcl) on d, (ss) on a, (ts) on b, e, i-j, (per) on a, f-g, j; Ben Monder (g) on a, c, e, i-j; Frank Kimbrough (p) on a-g, i-j, l; Gary Versace (pac) on d, k; Dean Johnson (b) on a-j, l; Tony Moreno (d) on a-g, i-j, l, (per) on a, f-g, j; Kendra Shank (kal) on a.

Date: June 18, 19, 2008
Location: Knoop Studios, River Edge, NJ
Label: Challenge

Kendra Shank, Kendra Shank Quartet (ldr), Billy Drewes (cl, ss, ts), Ben Monder (g), Frank Kimbrough (p), Dean Johnson (b), Tony Moreno (d), Kendra Shank (v)

a. So Far Away - 5:09(Carole King)
b. Life's Mosaic - 6:15(Cedar Walton, Paula Hackett, John Hackett)
c. Reflections In Blue - 8:47(Kendra Shank)
d. Blue Skies(Irving Berlin)
e. Laughing At Life - 4:40(Charles Kenny, Nick Kenny)
f. Smile(Charles Chaplin, John Turner, Geoffrey Parsons)
g. The Shining Sea - 4:54(Johnny Mandel, Peggy Lee)
h. Water From Your Spring - 8:47
i. Beautiful Love(Haven Gillespie, Victor Young, Egbert Van Alstyne, Wayne King)
j. For Duke - 6:44(Frank Kimbrough, Maryanne de Prophetis)
k. All Of You - 4:44(Cole Porter)
l. Time Remembered - 5:31(Bill Evans, Paul Lewis)
m. I'm Movin' On - 6:36(Kirk Nurock, Judy Niemack)
n. I'll Meet You There - 4:38(Kirk Nurock)
All titles on: Challenge CDCR73279 — Mosaic   (2009)

c, d;   e, f;   h, i performed as medleys.

Water From Your Spring is a poem by Rumi, translated by Coleman Barks. I'll Meet You There is texts adapted from Rumi and translated by Coleman Barks.

Date: Two year period beginning Dec. 2011
Location: John Kilgore Sound & Recording, New York City
Label: TCB Records

Kendra Shank, John Stowell (ldr), John Stowell (g), Kendra Shank (loo, eff, chk, v)

a. Blue Skies - 6:17(Irving Berlin)
b. Throop - 4:00(John Stowell)
c. Hard Travelin'(Woody Guthrie)
d. Motherless Child - 5:29(traditional)
e. Rush Hour - 1:25(John Stowell, Kendra Shank)
f. New York Conversations - 4:33(John Stowell, Kendra Shank)
g. Ghost - 3:39(John Stowell, Kendra Shank)
h. Silent Photographer - 4:30(John Stowell)
i. My Romance - 4:06(Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart)
j. Za-Zoh - 3:59(Kendra Shank, John Stowell)
k. Songs & Lullabies - 5:47(Fred Hersch, Norma Winstone)
l. Like Someone In Love - 3:38(Jimmy Van Heusen, Johnny Burke)
m. Simple Pleasures - 4:25(John Stowell)
n. WalkTalk - 3:34(John Stowell, Kendra Shank)
o. I'll Be Seeing You - 1:51(Sammy Fain, Irving Kahal)
p. Glad Mango - 1:14(Kendra Shank, John Stowell)
All titles on: TCB Records CDTCB 33202 — New York Conversations   (2013)

c, d performed as medley.

Liner notes indicate guitar overdubs by Mark Frethem on unspecified tracks.

Sessions Reported: 11

Performances Reported: 106

Unique Songs Reported: 104

Unique Issues Reported: 11