Index of Compositions Performed by Michele Rosewoman
by Ronald Lyles

Generated on Thu, Apr 07, 2011

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Song Title
  Date Timing Session Type Performance Type
Abreme La Puerta   (Kimmy Solis)
 ca. 198104:33Studio
Advance Dance   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 26-28, 200511:13Studio
Agaya   (Michele Rosewoman)
 November 3, 198434:30Live Performance
Agbayac   (Andy Laster)
 April 29, 198707:12Studio
Akomado [For Babaluaye]   (Michele Rosewoman)
 July 198808:45Studio
 March 19 & 20, 199911:29Live Recording
 September 21, 200215:48Live Performance
 February 23, 200505:41Live Performance
 July 20, 2009 Live Performance
 September 8, 200908:21Live Performance
All Blues   (Miles Davis)
 August 7, 1992 Live Performance
Art Of Blakey   (Ralph Peterson)
 March 18-20, 199204:42Studio
Ask Me Now   (Thelonious Monk)
 March 19 & 20, 199904:19Live Recording
Ave Maria (Que Calor)   (Pastor Morales)
 ca. 198103:45Studio
Bakoso   (Kimmy Solis)
 ca. 198103:49Studio
Bang's Bounce   (Billy Bang)
 June 10 & 11, 198103:23Studio
Blood Count   (Billy Strayhorn)
 September 21-23, 199207:42Studio
Blues For Jimi Hendrix   (Robin Eubanks)
 February 23, 200513:29Live Performance
Bon Marie   (Ralph Peterson)
 March 18-20, 199205:46Studio
Broken Strings (For Clarence Muse)   (Billy Bang)
 June 10 & 11, 198102:44Studio
Calculated Risk   (Greg Osby)
 May - June 198703:52Studio
Canta Conmigo   (Vicente Sanchez)
 ca. 198104:39Studio
Central Park West   (John Coltrane)
 March 18-20, 199207:02Studio
Che   (Robin Eubanks)
 February 23, 200514:26Live Performance
Commit To It   (Michele Rosewoman)
 July 198804:34Studio
Contrast High   (Michele Rosewoman)
 May 29, 198211:33Live Performance
 July 198807:22Studio
 April 10, 201009:46Live Performance
Cuerpolarity   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 26-28, 200501:04Studio
Daigoro   (Greg Osby, Haruko Nara)
 May - June 198707:48Studio
Dedicated To Dolphy   (Oliver Lake)
 April 17, 198818:29Live Recording
Dolphin Dance   (Herbie Hancock)
 July 9, 199409:36Radio
Doug's Prelude   (Clifford Jordan)
 August 7, 1992 Live Performance
The Dream #1   (Michele Rosewoman)
 July 198803:12Studio
The Dream #3   (Michele Rosewoman)
 January 27 & 28, 198707:30Studio
Dream Fragment   (Michele Rosewoman)
 July 198800:26Studio
Ebony Minstrel Man   (Billy Bang)
 June 10 & 11, 198104:16Studio
Eee-Yaa   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 13-15, 199005:08Studio
The Egun (Egg-Oon) And The Harvest   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 21-23, 199208:14Studio
El Guapo   (Pastor Morales)
 ca. 198105:36Studio
Elevenths   (Liberty Ellman)
 April 10, 201007:50Live Performance
The ER   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 21, 200215:47Live Performance
 September 26-28, 200510:36Studio
Erofodule   (Michele Rosewoman)
 November 3, 1984 Live Performance
Eshu Laroye   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 26-28, 200509:41Studio
The Fineness Of   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 26-28, 200503:26Studio
First Trip   (Ron Carter)
 September 13-15, 199006:35Studio
For Agayu   (Traditional)
 July 9, 199405:59Radio
For Monk   (Michele Rosewoman)
 May 29, 198215:47Live Performance
 April 19, 198325:08Live Performance
 April 26, 198308:54Studio
 July 9, 199407:33Radio
For Now And Forever   (Michele Rosewoman)
 November 4, 198411:43Live Performance
 January 27 & 28, 198708:38Studio
For Real Moments   (Geri Allen)
 May - June 198707:12Studio
Free For All   (Wayne Shorter)
 March 18-20, 199205:50Studio
Free To Be   (Michele Rosewoman)
 March 19 & 20, 199910:35Live Recording
From Tear To Here   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 21-23, 199207:28Studio
 September 21, 200213:43Live Performance
Fuzz Junk   (Michele Rosewoman)
 March 19 & 20, 199904:08Live Recording
Get 2 It   (Robin Eubanks)
 February 23, 200514:47Live Performance
Guapo   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 26-28, 200507:55Studio
 June 14, 2009 Live Performance
 July 20, 2009 Live Performance
Guapo Remix   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 26-28, 200500:57Studio
Gyrhythmitoid   (Greg Osby)
 May - June 198705:12Studio
Hippo Stomp   (Andy Laster)
 April 29, 198711:50Studio
Hot House   (Tadd Dameron)
 August 7, 1992 Live Performance
I Remember Bu   (Ralph Peterson)
 March 18-20, 199208:30Studio
In A Mood   (Michele Rosewoman)
 April 19, 198316:49Live Performance
 April 26, 198307:10Studio
 July 9, 199406:21Radio
Independence Day   (Michele Rosewoman)
 July 9, 199407:13Radio
Indo   (Robin Eubanks)
 February 23, 200509:30Live Performance
Juventud Latina   (Pastor Morales)
 ca. 198104:53Studio
K.T.   (Kenny Davis)
 September 21-23, 199205:39Studio
Lazy Bird   (John Coltrane)
 September 13-15, 199005:58Studio
Life Is For Learning   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 26-28, 200502:37Studio
Link   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 26-28, 200509:45Studio
Lyons   (Michele Rosewoman)
 January 27 & 28, 198704:25Studio
Mental Images   (Robin Eubanks)
 February 23, 200513:11Live Performance
Mi Eterna Novia   (Kimmy Solis)
 ca. 198103:13Studio
Midtown   (Robin Eubanks)
 February 23, 200515:23Live Performance
Miracle   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 21-23, 199206:01Studio
 September 21, 200209:48Live Performance
Myling Mufflina   (Kenwood Dennard)
 February 23, 200506:39Live Performance
New York After Dark   (Billy Bang)
 June 10 & 11, 198107:20Studio
Newton Baby   (Michele Rosewoman)
 April 26, 198304:13Studio
Nite Flite   (Lee Morgan)
 September 13-15, 199005:16Studio
No Se Lo Saben   (Kimmy Solis)
 ca. 198103:37Studio
Number 2   (Tyshawn Sorey)
 April 10, 201015:01Live Performance
Obatala   (Michele Rosewoman)
 October 27, 198410:22Live Performance
Occasion To Rise   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 13-15, 199004:37Studio
 September 21-23, 199207:12Studio
Ochun Ye Ye Moro   (Michele Rosewoman)
 November 3, 198407:48Live Performance
 November 4, 198425:24Live Performance
Of All   (Michele Rosewoman)
 July 198809:20Studio
Oshun   (Donald Malloy)
 July 8 & 9, 200808:35Studio
Panambula   (Michele Rosewoman)
 July 198805:17Studio
Passion Dance Blues   (Michele Rosewoman)
 July 9, 199407:15Radio
Path To The Shore   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 21-23, 199206:49Studio
Patrick's Mood   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 21-23, 199206:07Studio
Pentacourse   (Robin Eubanks)
 February 23, 200509:53Live Performance
People Make The World Go Round   (Thomas Bell, Linda Creed)
 March 18-20, 199207:25Studio
Power In Numbers   (Michele Rosewoman)
 June 14, 2009 Live Performance
 July 20, 2009 Live Performance
Prelude To A Kiss   (Duke Ellington, Irving Mills, Irving Gordon)
 September 13-15, 199005:40Studio
The Purple Light   (Andy Laster)
 April 29, 198705:37Studio
Rainbow Gladiator   (Billy Bang)
 June 10 & 11, 198114:19Studio
Return To Now   (Greg Osby)
 May - June 198707:51Studio
Same's Difference   (Michele Rosewoman)
 July 198806:13Studio
Shippensburg   (Andy Laster)
 April 29, 198708:45Studio
Sonora   (Ralph Peterson)
 March 18-20, 199206:19Studio
The Source   (Michele Rosewoman)
 April 26, 198316:00Studio
 November 3, 198440:18Live Performance
 November 4, 198433:28Live Performance
 July 198807:41Studio
 February 23, 200505:25Live Performance
Spirit   (Maurice White, Lorenzo Dunn)
 July 9, 199408:15Radio
Springular And Springle   (Michele Rosewoman)
 January 27 & 28, 198707:03Studio
Sum Of Parts   (Michele Rosewoman)
 April 10, 201016:57Live Performance
The Sweet Eye Of Hurricane Sally   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 13-15, 199006:09Studio
Text Your Sweet   (Liberty Ellman)
 April 10, 201018:04Live Performance
The Thrill Of Real Love   (Michele Rosewoman)
 January 27 & 28, 198708:14Studio
 March 19 & 20, 199909:21Live Recording
 July 20, 2009 Live Performance
To Be Cont...   (Michele Rosewoman)
 April 19, 198317:35Live Performance
 April 26, 198309:17Studio
Univized   (Michele Rosewoman)
 January 27 & 28, 198706:18Studio
[unknown titles]   (Composer Unknown)
 June 6, 1981 Live Performance
 April 14, 1983 Live Performance
 October 26, 1984 Live Performance
 October 29, 1984 Live Performance
 March 15, 1986 Live Performance
 April 9, 1988 Live Performance
 August 4, 1990 Live Performance
 June 1991 Live Performance
 June 16, 1991 Live Performance
 June 19, 1991 Live Performance
 October 27, 1994 Live Performance
 May 25, 2000 Live Performance
 October 23, 2003 Live Performance
 December 6, 2004 Live Performance
 October 24, 2006 Live Performance
 November 9, 2006 Live Performance
 March 29, 2007 Live Performance
 March 30, 2007 Live Performance
 December 13, 2008 Live Performance
 January 10, 2009 Live Performance
 March 1, 2009 Live Performance
 March 14, 2009 Live Performance
 March 31, 2011 Live Performance
Unsee   (Michele Rosewoman)
 June 14, 2009 Live Performance
 July 20, 2009 Live Performance
Vamp For Ochun   (Michele Rosewoman)
 January 27 & 28, 198702:45Studio
 March 19 & 20, 199905:10Live Recording
 September 21, 200208:17Live Performance
Vision   (Andy Laster)
 April 29, 198708:35Studio
Warm   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 21, 200216:50Live Performance
 September 26-28, 200507:45Studio
 June 14, 2009 Live Performance
 July 20, 2009 Live Performance
Warriors (Guerreros)   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 21-23, 199215:07Studio
We Are   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 13-15, 199006:41Studio
Weave Song II   (Oliver Lake)
 April 17, 198809:08Live Recording
Weird Nightmare   (Charles Mingus)
 May 29, 198211:16Live Performance
 September 13-15, 199006:57Studio
 March 19 & 20, 199910:59Live Recording
West Africa [aka West Africa Blue]   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 13-15, 199004:01Studio
 March 19 & 20, 199907:34Live Recording
When Sunny Gets Blue   (Jack Segal, Marvin Fisher)
 July 9, 199408:32Radio
When You Wish Upon A Star   (Ned Washington, Leigh Harline)
 March 18-20, 199205:05Studio
Where It Comes From   (Michele Rosewoman)
 January 27 & 28, 198706:47Studio
 March 18-20, 199206:06Studio
 July 9, 199409:01Radio
 March 19 & 20, 199910:37Live Recording
 July 20, 2009 Live Performance
With You In Mind (For Duke)   (Michele Rosewoman)
 September 26-28, 200507:22Studio
X-Base   (Robin Eubanks)
 February 23, 200510:53Live Performance
Xotland   (Andy Laster)
 April 29, 198707:05Studio
Yaa - Woman Born On Thursday (For Miss Laurel Van Horn)   (Billy Bang)
 June 10 & 11, 198105:09Studio
Yearning   (Robin Eubanks)
 February 23, 200513:49Live Performance
You Big   (Greg Osby)
 May - June 198705:07Studio
You Send Me   (Sam Cooke)
 August 6, 199205:49Live Performance