Recorded May 1995

Composer Comments

Song From the Children (Yamin)...Inspired by some 3 and 4 year olds I hang out with.

Housewarming (Bernstein)...A blessing for a new home.

Samba de Aztac (Bernstein)...Inspired by a trip to El Salvador...The cultural union of the artists and the revolutionary spirit they bring to the people through their art.

New Light (Yamin)...A sweet Brazilian flavored melody. Perry Robinson does Rio de Janeiro.

Perry's Majesty (Yamin)...Composed specifically for Perry and the majesty he brings through his music.

Passing Through (Traditional)...A melody Perry remembers from his days at the hootenannies of the great American Folk Era.

Sing Song (Yamin)...Dedicated to Paul Bley and Ed Blackwell.

My Gypsy Baby (Robinson)...Composed for Perry's E-flat baby clarinet.

Pushin' 30 (Yamin)..."Aren't we all "pushin' 30" in one way or another?"

You and the Night and the Music (Schwartz)..."Wow, I know you now."