Jazz Composers Orchestra: Escalator Over The Hill

Jazz Composers Orchestra: Escalator Over The Hill

JCOA EOTH (3-Lp set)

  1. Hotel Overture
  2. This Is Here...
  3. Like Animals
  4. Escalator Over The Hill
  5. Stay Awake
  6. Ginger and David
  7. Song To Anything That Moves
  8. EOTH Theme
  9. Businessmen
  10. Ginger and David Theme
  11. Why
  12. It's Not What You Do
  13. Detective Writer Daughter
  14. Doctor Why
  15. Slow Dance
  16. Smalltown Agonist
  17. End of Head
  18. Over Her Head
  19. Little Pony Soldier
  20. Oh Say Can You Do?
  21. Holiday In Risk
  22. Holiday In Risk Theme
  23. A.I.R. (All India Radio)
  24. Rawalpindi Blues
  25. End of Rawalpindi
  26. End of Animals
  27. ...And It's Again

[Words by Paul Haines, Adaptation and Music by Carla Bley, Production and Coordination by Michael Mantler]


Jack, Parrot-Jack Bruce
Leader, Mutant, Voice, Desert Women-Carla Bley
Sand Shepherd-Don Cherry
Ginger-Linda Ronstadt
Ginger II-Jeanne Lee
David-Paul Jones
Doctor, Lion-Don Preston
Cecil Clark-Tod Papageorge
His Friends-Charlie Haden, Steve Ferguson
Calliope Bill-Bill Leonard
Roomer-Bill Stewart
Ancient Roomer-Karen Mantler
Loudspeaker-Roswell Rudd
Used Woman-Sheila Jordan
Operasinger-Rosalind Hupp
Nurse-Jane Blackstone
Yodelling Ventriloquist-Howard Johnson
Therapist-Timothy Marquand
Dad-Perry Robinson
Phantoms, Multiple Public Members, Hotelpeople, Women, Men, Flies, Bullfrogs, Mindsweepers, Speakers, Blindman-Jane Blackstone, Carla Bley, Jonathan Cott, Sharon Freeman, Steve Gebhardt, Tyrus Gerlach, Eileen Hale, Rosalind Hupp, Jack Jeffers, Howard Johnson, Sheila Jordan, Michael Mantler, Timothy Marquand, Nancy Newton, Tod Papageorge, Don Preston, Bill Roughen, Phyllis Schneider, Bob Stewart, Pat Stewart, Viva


Orchestra (& Hotel Lobby Band)

Jimmy Lyons-asx
Gato Barbieri-tsx
Chris Woods-bsx
Michael Mantler, Enrico Rava-tpt
Bob Carlisle, Sharon Freeman-fr hn
Roswell Rudd, Sam Burtis, Jimmy Knepper-tbn
Jack Jeffers-btbn
John Buckingham-tu
Nancy Newton-vla
Karl Berger-vbs
Carla Bley-p
Charlie Haden-b
Paul Motian-d
Roger Dawson-cga
Bill Morimando-perc

Jack's Traveling Band

John McLaughlin-g
Carla Bley-org
Jack Bruce-eb
Paul Motian-d

Desert Band

Don Cherry-tpt
Souren Baronian-cl
Leroy Jenkins-vln
Calo Scott-cll
Sam Brown-g
Carla Bley-org
Ron McClure-b
Paul Motian-dumbec

Original Hotel Amateur Band

Perry Robinson, Peggy Imig-cl
Michael Snow-tpt
Michael Mantler-vtbn
Nancy Newton-vla
Howard Johnson-tu
Richard Youngstein-b
Carla Bley-p
Paul Motian-d

Phantom Music

Michael Mantler-ring modulated and prepared piano, perc
Carla Bley-org, cel, chimes, calliope
Don Preston-syn

November 1968
RCA Recording Studios

November 1970-June 1971
RCA Recording Studios

March 1971
Empirical Sound at the Cinematheque

June 1971
Public Theater