Cool and the Clones: Mr. Playdough Man

Ejaz 03 (cassette)

  1. Cloned Perry
  2. Skins Win Bowl
  3. The Creek
  4. The Destruction of Jeff's Mandolin
  5. A Day in the Life - Matchbox
  6. Interlewed
  7. Disco Stone
  8. Hot Dogs of the 5th Dimension
  9. For Milton Suggs
  10. To Peter Sellers
  11. Jan's House
  12. Beet Red
  13. Hunger

Perry Robinson-cl
Eric Ziarko-asx, tsx, cl, tpt, tbn, b, p, voc, cond
Mark Whitecage-asx
Scot Macauley-syn
Charles Hooper-eb, tpt
Janice Ziarko-d, cl, p, voc
et al