Joe Henderson Discography

Compiled by Jeffrey Lovell

Edited by Michael Fitzgerald

First published - January 2006

Primary Sources: Tom Lord Discography, The Blue Note Discography, The Atlantic Discography

Online Sources: Montreux Sounds website,

Special thanks to Lewis Porter, Bill Kirchner, Mike Fitzgerald, Renee Rosnes, IJS, Jack Broad, Ron McClure, Agustín Pérez Gasco, Dennis Whitling for their contributions.

This ongoing project has outgrown the standard "discography" label. What this work represents - as accurately as possible - are the documented live performances (recorded and not recorded) of tenor saxophonist Joe Henderson. Exhaustive research of hundreds of newspaper articles, jazz magazines, journals, websites, and interviews has led to the creation of this larger "Gig-ography." Henderson's recorded career spanned from 1963-1998. However, there are many articles that document his playing career in general, from the early 50's on. This continuous and in-depth research will ultimately culminate in a biography of his life that I am currently working on. Corrections or suggestions are always welcome. Please help if you can by sending any information to

This discography was created using Brian, the database application for compiling discography. All the pages in this discography were generated by Brian exactly as they are seen on the site. Please contact Steve Albin if you have any questions or comments regarding Brian. More information regarding Brian can be found on the Brian page.


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Joe Henderson Poster
Artwork by Matt Salvo.