Ted Dunbar Discography

Compiled by Todd Collins and Michael Fitzgerald
First published 1993

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Earl Theodore Dunbar was born on January 17, 1937 in Port Arthur, TX and died on May 29, 1998 in New Brunswick, NJ. 

While this is the most comprehensive and accurate discography on Ted Dunbar ever produced, there still may be omissions and errors. Please help if you can.

Thanks to contributors:

Mark Karell, Lewis Nash, Dennis Whitling

Special thanks to all the staff at the Rutgers Institute of Jazz Studies where I had access to virtually every issue listed in the discography as well as the various relevant published sources.


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A few items are as yet not included in the new version of the discography:

Norman Connors: Dark Of Light

Cobblestone 9035
1973 or

Buddah BDS 5675

December 13-14, 1972
The Hit Factory

Art Webb (f), Gary Bartz (as), Carlos Garnett (ss, ts), Eddie Henderson (t), Ted Dunbar (ag, g) (1), Herbie Hancock (ep, p), Onaje Allan Gumbs (p) (4), Cecil McBee (b), Buster Williams (b) (1), Norman Connors (d), Lawrence Killian (cga), Warren Smith (per), Gail Dixon, Jerry Litte (str) (1), Pat Dixon (vc) (1), Dee Dee Bridgewater, Ellen DeLeston, Michael Brown (v)

February 25, 1973
Sigma Sound Studios
Philadelphia, PA

Alfred Williams (af, bsn) (3), Elmer Gibson (ep) (3), Stanley Clarke (b) (3), Norman Connors (d) (3), Henry Palmer, Gerald Roberts (per) (3)

  1. Dark of Light [Gumbs] 11:45
  2. Butterfly Dreams [Stanley Clarke] 5:15
  3. Laughter [Stanley Clarke] 2:55
  4. Black Lightnin' [Connors] 11:50
  5. Twilight Zone [Connors] 1:30
  6. Song for Rosa [Connors] 2:00

James Brown:


Frank Foster: Shiny Stockings

Denon 7545

November 27-28, 1978 (22, 28?)

Leroy Barton, Charles Williams (as), Frank Foster (ts,as), Bill Saxton, Bill Cody, Doug Harris (ts), Kenny Rodgers (bar), Sinclair Acey, Virgil Jones, Joe Gardner, Chris Albert, Robert Rutledge (t), Janice Robinson, Emmett MacDonald, Chris Stephens (tb), Bill Lowe (btb), Bill Davis (tu), Ted Dunbar (g), Mickey Tucker (p), Earl May (b,eb), Charli Persip (d), Babafumi Akunyun (per)

  1. Shiny Stockings [Frank Foster] 9:11
  2. Love Scene
  3. Tomorrow's Blues Today [Foster] 7:10
  4. Dayspring [Foster] 8:24
  5. Hills of the North Rejoice [trad.] 11:06