The Chris Connor Bio-Discography
Technical Notes And Discographical Policies
by Iván Santiago Mercado

Generated on May 21, 2011

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Special Codes And Symbols

This discography features a few special codes and symbols whose goal is to facilitate the handling of information about record companies.

1. The code zzz~ precedes record labels which release Public Domain material.

2. The code yyy~ precedes specialty companies -- that is to say, labels whose releases are aimed at knowledgeable collectors.

3. The code www~ precedes labels whose releases consist of material licensed from official record companies.

4. The symbol © is found between the names of two record companies. It serves indexing purposes.

To clarify point #4, let's discuss the meaning of the following entry: ATLANTIC©Victor CD - The Best Of Chris Connor. The entry stands for a CD whose performances were originally recorded for Atlantic but are being released in this case by Victor. The releasing label (Victor) will always follow the © symbol, whereas the company for which the original masters were recorded will precede it. (Indexing considerations partially account for my decision to set up this special codification. By adding "Atlantic" before the © symbol, I can sequence together all issues that contain Atlantic masters, for instance.)

Non-Connor Albums Included In This Discography

I have visually differentiated Chris Connor's CDs and LPs from those which are primarily by another artist, or by various artists. The visual difference: every non-Connor title starts with brackets that identify it as such. Examples:

[Various Artists] When Malindy Sings
[Stan Kenton] Some Women I've Known

Whereas neither of those two items is an all-Connor issue, non-bracketed titles such as Warm Cool and Free Spirits certainly refer to all-Connor albums.

In the case of issues that give prominent billing to more than one artist, I have denoted the fact by including the co-billed names within braces: e. g., Three Pearls {Ernestine Anderson, Chris Connor, Carol Sloane}.

Policies About Foreign Issues

This sessionography concentrates on domestic (US) issues, and on original issues worldwide. In other words, foreign albums are included only when the artist under discussion (Chris Connor) actually recorded them abroad. If the foreign album is instead a reissue of an US album, I have listed it only under the following circumstances:

a) When there is no domestic CD of an original US album, I have included the earliest foreign CD issue.

b) When the title of a foreign CD or LP differs from its US counterpart, I have included the foreign item, for the benefit of fans and collectors who may need clarification.

c) Also included are all Connor releases on the Spain-based label Fresh Sound, because such releases have proven a source of fan confusion over the years.

d) I have made partial inclusion of foreign CD reissues with bonus tracks. By "partial inclusion," I mean that only the bonus-track numbers of such foreign CD reissues are listed.

To illustrate point (d), let's consider Atlantic AMCY 1072, which is the Japanese CD edition of the original US album A Jazz Date With Chris Connor. The Japanese disc includes not only the same 12 tracks as the American album but also two bonus tracks ("Señor Blues," "Misty"). In this discography, you will find Japanese CD AMCY 1072 listed under "Señor Blues" and under "Misty," but not under the 12 songs that first appeared in the American counterpart of A Jazz Date With Chris Connor.

I should further clarify that the above-made points apply to the main body of this discography (aka the sessionography), not to its indexes. Whereas I have excluded foreign editions of American albums from the sessionography, I have actually listed them in the Issues index, under the notes of each original American album. Should you be curious to see a list of, for instance, the Japanese editions of Chris Connor Sings Lullabys Of Birdland, consult the index's notes under that original 1957 album.

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