Mary Louise Knutson Discography

Compiled by Steve Albin

First published - January 2017


This discography came about as a result of my enjoying 2 cds issued by Mary Louise Knutson under her name - Call Me When You Get There and In the Bubble. Noticing that each cd had comprehensive discography details and knowing that these were the only cds issued with Mary Louise as leader, I created a quick entry in the JazzDiscography Leaders section and showed it to Mary Louise. She was pleased and expressed interest in fleshing out the full discography. We were off! Most of the information listed in this discography is provided by Mary Louise. My effort consisted of entering the data and filling in some missing pieces where internet searches would suffice.

We believe this is the most comprehensive and accurate discography in one place produced for Mary Louise Knutson. There still may be omissions and errors. Please help if you can by sending any information to

For more information about Mary Louise Knutson, visit her website.

This discography was created using BRIAN, my database application for compiling discography. All the pages in this discography were generated by BRIAN exactly as they are seen on the site. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments regarding BRIAN. More information regarding BRIAN can be found on the BRIAN page.

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Mary Louise Knutson Discography
photo by Andrea Canter