Tony Bennett Discography   

This discography was originally created by myself with the predominence of the data provided by Will Friedwald. My involvement was to simply organize and enter the information into the Brian database and then generate the web pages. While I am a big fan of his music, I am by no means an expert on Tony Bennett.

Recently via the internet, I met a great Tony Bennett fan name Pavel Solakhyan from Armenia. His knowledge and enthusiasm for Tony Bennett far exceeds mine. (At least his knowledge does!) Pavel agreed to take over the database for the Tony Bennett discography and add much information that is missing. This is a great help for albums done after 1995 that I never documented. Also, Pavel had some very useful information regarding previously unreleased singles from Tony's early years. I am very thankful to Pavel for his help with this discography. Contact Pavel at

Steve Albin

Newly discovered — Tony's first single under the name of Joe Bari!

Tony Bennett: The Complete Collection Reviewed by Will Friedwald
A list of Tony Bennett recordings missing from the "complete" box set.

Tony Bennett
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I've divided the discography into sections to make download times quicker. Click on a line below for the section you would like to see. Below are pages documenting the issues:
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Thanks to Bil Bowman, Nigel Burlinson, Fred Griego, Tony King, Joanne Rotella, Russell Thornton and Lucas Tuinstra for their contributions of information.